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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Another Republican Fumble borrow a sports metaphor.
Sometime, probably in the next 48 hours though I'm betting sooner than later, an Illinois Congressional race is going topsy turvy. It's another pick-up for Dems. If you are observant around the net you'll find the information. Mobilization is already occurring around the state to get ground troops.

Thanks Republicans.
- -Arch Pundit

Which GOP congressman had S-E-X with a 16 year old girl? The smart money seems to be on Jerry Weller. What is it with Michael Castle's buddies? They just can't keep it in their pants.

I'd like to say something about the hyper-partisanship that began with Newt and the consequent Republican sense of entitlement to control of government and everything else, including our sons and daughters. I'd really like to make that point.

But, I hestitate because I know Democrats are also capable of being horny perverts. But for some reason that hasn't occurred in a big way during this election cycle. I wonder why. Is that like when you flip a coin and it comes up tails (no pun intended) fifteen times in a row? Or is there some sense of entitlement that leads R's to sin more readily?

Or is the intelligence community striking back at the R's for hanging them out to dry on Iraq?
Bush is pacifying any intell revolt by giving them all of these new toys like NSA spying
I bet NSA is J. Edgar Hoovering up politician pillow talk and saving it for future use. Level heads in intel must be horrified at the future prospects for the Middle East; but no movement is possible with neocon control of govt. Easiest way out is to shift control to Dems. A hell of a lot nicer than domestic assassinations.

A bit tinfoil hattish, but maybe a soft counter-coup is under way with the R sex revelations.
Thanks for not something about the hyper-partisanship that began with Newt.
I must admit to being quite interested in this vein of thought anony, you make me want to peel back the lid on our government intell tanks and nibble on them like so many cashews....
so you suppose that there is this same level of independence within the Brits? (yes, considering the leaks), China? (perhaps, they have their share of countering).

Power in the hands of the oddments, the intell freak/nerd/techie types who do what no one really has the talent to manage?
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