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Thursday, October 19, 2006


Another Reformed ticket splitter flees Michael Castle

National GOP record causes Castle voter to reconsider

I have lived and voted in Delaware for more than 15 years. I have always voted for Mike Castle for whatever office he was running for. He is a good and honorable person, a dedicated public servant, who has represented our state well and has been a voice of reason in Washington.

But no more, the recent Mark Foley incident involving congressional pages is the final straw. It confirms to me that the Republican party has no interest in the people it represents.

An ill-conceived war plan, a budget deficit that buries my grandchildren and great grandchildren in debt, tax breaks for the rich, being told what moral choice is correct and incorrect, the list never ends.

My only choice is to vote for change. If Delaware loses a good representative, so be it. The sacrifice will be worth it. The future of our country is at stake. If you are fed up with what is happening in Washington, you can voice your disgust. Vote for a change. Castle's opponent can do no worse.

W Smith, Milford


Okay. That closing could have been better, but I'll take it.

This letter makes a great point that has not been made much. The cost of keeping Castle, even if you like him, is too high.

A vote for Castle is a vote for the current congressional leadership and people are starting to pick up on that fact.
Many people are wondering whether their vote counts. In this mid-term election it does. Polls show us that the people of this country are on the right track, but the leadership of this country is moving us in the wrong direction.

The Republican’s campaigns tout leadership. Quotes of “I’m a leader” , “I lead” , “this country still needs leadership” , still haunt us from the 2000 campaign, which gave us a tied electoral college. History has shown us that Republicans have effectively consolidated leadership by winning a majority in both houses, as well as another term as president. So based on history, they have lead.

There are two patterns of leadership. One is to inspire, so followers rally behind your courage and vision and do deeds they lacked the will to do themselves. The other is to intimidate, discipline, and force compliance, and followers follow out of fear of reprisals of what happens to them should they fail.

The Republicans have used the second method of leadership very effectively in both houses of Congress. Judging by the results, one must concede they are good leaders. So well, in fact, do they lead, that they have led this country to a place where it does not want to go!

We ask how can this be, in a democracy where we elect our leadership? How on earth can these people become elected if they represent the opposite of what the majority of Americans are feeling?

The reason is simple: out of the few people WHO VOTED, these peoples got the majority. In an era where half of Americans even bother to vote, a minority can, and did, win the right to govern the rest of us. This means that for Republicans to stay in power, they are in the ironic position of needing to suppress the vote to win. Those ugly negative ads that you will see over and over again in the next two and a half weeks, are designed, NOT to get you to vote for the candidate opposite of the one the ad degrades, but to disgust you so much, that you stay home and don‘t vote at all.

This means that any person NOT voting is, by their inaction at the polls, having the effect of supporting the Republicans.

Here is how. If every citizen voted this November 7th, based of the polls of ALL Americans, the Republicans would win a laughable 24.5% of the vote. No one could, or would, ever take them seriously again. America could finally roll up its sleeves and fix the looming problems before us. But when only half of America votes, what was 24,5% of all Americans, becomes 49% of those actually voting, and one is forced to take Republicans very seriously indeed, even though their ideas apply to very few of us. So by not voting, by not showing your choice at the ballot box, you are helping Republicans achieve the majority they need , even though their views misrepresent the majority of Americans.

So the next time someone says they don’t vote, try responding : “Oh, I see you support the Republicans.” If that doesn‘t elicit a vociferous denial, drop it. If it does, explain how their non vote supports the minority rule currently reigning over the rest of us.

Finally one should note that there are times in this nation’s history where a party vote matters more than whoever the individual is, that is running. Whether you voted for a Royalist or a Patriot in colonial times leading up to 1776, mattered a great deal, even if the local Royalist was a lot nicer than the local Patriot. Likewise, which ever way you voted in 1860 determined whether Slavery could continue as a legal act. Even if the local Slave supporter was a better guy that the local reformer, your vote for him was a vote to continue that stain on this nation’s history.

Currently we are in the same situation. At question is whether the country is going in the right direction.
Most of us say no. We need to send a signal that says “stop”.. ANY vote for ANY Republican in this off year election, is a vote of approval for the direction this country has gone under solid Republican leadership. That means in Delaware, any vote for Castle, Wharton, Wagner, all great persons in their own right, by their allegiance to the Republican party, is a vote of confidence for their top leadership. Only if all Republicans lose big in this off year, will the necessary changes be made within the Republican party, which will steer this country back to normal. Ladies and Gentlemen, your signal needs to be heard.
That's right, folks. A vote for the Democrat for Register of Wills will really show that George Bush!

Give me a break. You can (try to) make the argument against Castle on those lines, but elected Republicans in Delaware have nothing to do with the national GOP agenda.

This is just a blatant attempt to get a few more D votes inside Delaware by tying every Republican to George Bush. Give people some credit. They're smarter than you want them to be.
Amen fsp. Furthermore, where are the democrat ideas. Zip, zero, zilch no ideas that resonate with the electorate except, in their minds, George Bush did it.

It should be a national embarassment for the democrat party if after all of this crazy message and all of the polling, they dont pick up both Houses of Congress. But, they wont.
but elected Republicans in Delaware have nothing to do with the national GOP agenda.

Who did Castle vote for to be speaker of the house?

I rest my case.
YEP, elected officials have nothing to do with the national agenda. Sure, he just votes with the majority only 90% of the time. Torture? Sure, Bankruptcy? Sure. Pay Raise? Sure. Raise Minimume Wage? No.

please, that is the problem with the state and I guess all politics everyone thinks it is local and not national.

Are you guys serious, or just illiterate?

You can (try to) make the argument against Castle on those lines, but elected Republicans in Delaware have nothing to do with the national GOP agenda.

I said you can talk that way about Castle, but elected Republicans who serve in Delaware have nothing to do with the national agenda. Come on. It couldn't have been that confusing.
And, since we're keeping track, Castle did vote to raise the minimum wage.
And, since we're keeping track, Castle lead the Republican opposition in the House to the Military Commisions Act, or the torrrrrture act, as they say.
That is not true. But what if it was, here did his"leadership" lead?

Mike Castle has always been there for Delaware. He has, and deserves,
many friends. Those who know him understand his actions. They remember
when he first went to Congress, vowing to be independent, not following
the warped will of the Republican leadership, and the next morning, all
funding for Delaware had been stripped overnight from the
bills up for a vote. He had to crawl, on his knees, hat in hand, and
for restitution of funds earmarked for Delaware.
That Delaware should be so humiliated, should make every citizen of
great state livid. Every vote for any Republican condones this
The Register of Wills of New Castle County is irrelivent to the White House inner circle. What is relavent, is if the Republican Party faces defeat on a massive scale, and the State Party chairman calls the National Headquarters and says "You have to do something about "this guy" He is killing us. If this takes place 50 times, on November the 8th, the Republican Party just may make that message heard on 1600 Pennsylvania.
That is why, and not for any reasons you state, that any vote for a Republican condones the current administration.
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