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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Why the DLC is bad for America

Reason #652 - Promoting RNC Strawmen Arguments

Over the last week, we've been treated to some good ol' fashioned McCarthyism - that is, attacks on unnamed groups of people who supposedly advocate for signing a peace treaty with Osama bin Laden, and who supposedly think President Bush is a greater enemy to our country than terrorists.
There was Rush Limbaugh on CBS last week who said:

"Some say we should try diplomacy...Some Americans, sadly, are not interested in victory...Critics are more interested in punishing this country over a few incidents of Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo Bay than they are in defeating those who want to kill."

Then, like clockwork, the Democratic Leadership Council chimed in through their spokesman Marshall Wittman, a former top official for the Christian Coalition. In his 9/11 piece shedding crocodile tears for the rise of polarization he purports to hate, he makes this outrageously polarizing and inflammatory statement:

"Some believe that our President is a greater threat to our security than the Islamic-fascists."

You'll notice, of course, that neither Limbaugh or the DLC actually names anyone. Instead, like the loyal McCarthyist disciples they are, they prefer to use the nebulous "some." Why? Because they can't actually name any single political figure who even comes close to fitting their dishonest descriptions. Sirota Blog


I wonder if Tom Carper (the Vice-Chair of the DLC) even knows what this idiot Marshall Wittman is doing to America by way of the DLC's press office? Let's listen for clues....

What a bunch of crap. Can someone please inform Mr. Carper "bi-partisan" acquiescence to George Bush's anti-American whims is no virtue. - Video Via Down With Absolutes

Let's start with Harry Reid, who was so happy to have "killed the Patriot Act." He thinks intercepting calls from al Quaeda into the US is the same as Hoover bugging Martin Luther King Jr. and Aaron Copland.
Jason believes that our President is a greater threat to our security than the Islamic-fascists."

happy to clear that up for you.
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