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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Who is to blame for the Republican disintegration....?

When you look at the Republican results a clear picture of a party that is adrift emerges. Like the DNC of four years ago under the thrall of the the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)- they have turned from a political party into a repository of empty slogans which taken together stand for nothing. They have no clear brand, no unified message and no passion.

Unlike the Democrats who have leaders that deliver a clear message of rational, results based governance - the Republicans are rudderless. Without a clear ideology or leader.

So who let it get this way?

People will point to Ken Grant, Priscilla Rakestraw and Dave Crossan, but that is too easy. These folks don't formulate the message - they only deliver it.

No, the real culprit is Michael Castle. His brand of wishy-washy faux liberalism on social issues combined with his stealth-wingnutism on security has left his party in the lurch. Sure, it works for him and he has racked up election win after election win playing each side against the middle, but what is the legacy of his unwillingness to lead....?

If you are a Republican - you just got a taste of it.

Given the low turn out, if O'Donnell primaried Castle he could have lost.
That outcome sure would have made Mike Protack happy.
Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, the evil Harris McDowell sails on with an endorsement from ACORN (WTF???) but not the Dem party, as Potter, Hendrix and some guy named Carroll split the opposition that would have driven him out.
"Who is to blame for the Republican disintegration"

Dana Garrett is, haven't you heard?
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