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Friday, September 22, 2006


Who is Castle Really Working for? Part IV-c

I sent the Castle earmarks for chemical companies and corrsponding donnations to his campaign to Joe Stephens last night. This morning I got an email thanking me and asking me to send anything else I turn up.

How idiotic is Doug Williams at the News Journal going to feel when he gets scooped by the Washington Post while he is running the "news" that Carper has a huge lead on Ting as a front page item? Very idiotic one would hope. What a dolt. The News Journal is less than useless. I sincerly hope that questioning the silence of the local press while this scam was going on becomes part of the Post story.

If you have a moment today write a letter to the editor of the News Journal asking them to cover the "Tariff Suspension Earmarks" story. They probably will not publish the letter, but at least there will be a paper trail showing that they willfully ignored the story.

I'm working on one more post, but that will not be out until at least October 2nd. In the meantime keep sending me little bits and peices as you find them - and thanks for the help along the way.

Heard your chat with Al Mascetti this morning. Good for you!
I'm trying to make it impossible for celia cohen and doug Williams to not know about this story.
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