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Thursday, September 21, 2006


Who is Castle Really Working for? Part IV-b

UPDATE (3:45pm)

BREAKING - The Washington Post is interested in the "Castle On The Take" story.
I emailed Joe Stephens and told him about my work uncovering the little racket Castle has going and he email me right back asked me to forward him my stuff. If nobody in Delaware is interested, at least I now have the ear of someone in Washington.
The Washington Post published an article yesterday titled: A Quiet Break for Corporations

In the article Joe Stephens catches a lobbyist in an unguarded moment:

Most of the tariff suspensions involve obscure chemicals and dyes, but many other products show up, including boilers for nuclear reactors, green peanuts, child potty seats, unicycles -- even chocolate coatings for laxatives.

"It's become sort of a lobbyists' dream," said Jim Schollaert, a former State Department trade specialist who now represents domestic manufacturers. "It's a gravy train, and there's little work to it."

The bills in Congress generally give no hint of whom the suspensions have been designed to benefit and sometimes refer to the products only by strings of numbers linked to phone-book-size tariff tables.


While Schollart's honesty is refreshing, I'm not exactly thrilled that my Congressman is working with people who are so casual about giving us tax payers the finger.

One note: My use of "gravy train" this morning and this lobbyists use of the same phrase was coincdental, but it goes to show that it is hard to describe this racket in any other terms.

Maybe the Post article will nudge our MSM here in Delaware to shine some light on Mr. Castle's record of taking cash for selling the US treasury down the river.

I cross posted at Kos and regarding the press, someone commented:

I guess they don't want to politicize the election by bringing up corruption.
If you die suddenly under mysterious circumstances we'll know you were right all along.
Jason Scott for US Congress!!
Nancy, I know someone (Spivack) who would be a much better choice, but don't want to open that can of worms right now.


Uhhh, thanks... I guess. Can't we come up with some better proof?
Jason, this is awesome!
I heard this awesome sight gave you some props just the other day!

rumor has it....that guy is awesome
US Congress as in write in for Carper's seat...
I know you aren't about to upstage Dennis
Good for you, robot. It can be your serious moment of fame.


I hope that reporter does his own homework and uses your info as leads only. If his lone source turns out to be a blogger, it won't exactly help you out, or him for that matter.

Right now, it's your Powerball ticket. Let's see how the drawing goes. Meantime, relax at Frightland.
I can only do what I can do. Sure it would be easier to be the NJ and report on NOTHING like "Caprer has a huge lead on Ting" but they have the "NO SHIT SHERLOCK" beat well covered.
For once you and I are in agreement (on the WNJ). Now stop that, will you?
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