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Tuesday, September 19, 2006



UPDATED: Two THREE brewing upsets to report:

In the 9th RD Rebecca Walker could knock off a distracted Dick Cathcart. Cathcart is a beige nothing who made the papers this year only because he messed up and got his employer, DSU, in hot water. Let's face it, if you are the guy who makes DSU seem anti-black you've got problems. Meanwhile, Walker has a resume and work ethic that makes hummingbirds look lazy. Add to that the fact that the 9th went for Kerry over Bush and straight-ticket-voting-north-eastern-liberals like me have been streaming into the district for the past 4 years - this could be a shocker to people who are not paying attention.

Eric Levin in the 11th RD looks poised to upset incumbent Greg Lavell who appears to running scared. The 11th went for Kerry by 54% and Lavell was unopposed. Maybe that explains why he cavalierly okayed a redistricting plan that put even more Dems into his district. Now, Lavell clearly feels the heat and has decided to respond by running the dirtiest campaign of the season. Based entirely on push-polling, Lavell's Rovian campaign has long-time district residents up in arms and is an embarrassment to the Delaware GOP trying to distance itself from its failed national brand. This race was Lavell's to lose and he seems to be losing it.

John Feroce in the 14th Senate District might have a slim chance to knock off Jim Vaughn. Dixiecrat Vaughn's impressive old school machine trounced Mark Scheafer last time out without Vaughn lifting a finger. Some of that outcome might be chalked up to a general dislike of the mayor of crazy-town, but most of it belonged to Vaughn. Now it is not so clear that the antiquated Vaughn machine can make it to the finish line. Feroce is for real and benefits somewhat from the influx of new residents who might favor a more energetic representation. In a photo finish, Allsopp probably spoils this one for the "R's".

I think you drank a little too much blue Kool-Aid last night.

Cathcart and Lavelle are two of the best in Dover, and they will both cruise. Lavelle in particular has been a crusader for open government, and Cathcart for trying to get developers to cover their infrastructure costs.
If Lavell is such a boy scout why the dirty push-poll ?

As for Cathcart, he is my Rep. and if he was anymore invisible in the district his name would be Casper-cart.
Casper-cart! HA! Jason you are such a scream. Thanks for the giggle.
Jason - I am in your district and I hardly think Cathcart is invisible. Once again, your take vs. mine. Cathcart has a lot of respect, and fortunately, there are much more cooler heads out there as opposed to yours. In a heavy D district, has it ever made you wonder why he has enjoyed cross-over support? I'm not saying he is unbeatable, but there is a reason people other than just R's support him. Obviously, you need to be reminded that this planet rotates around the sun, not your household.

I know you cheerlead for your progressive wing of your party, but he is a fair man, don't get into the trap of destroying someone's credibility for your personal gain. Win it on merit, not bullshit.

Speaking of your bullshit, have you enjoyed Frightland yet? How is that Spivak Haunted Congressional Tour Hayride going?
Settle down newbie - I just tossed you a crumb.
Cathcartand Lavelle-two of the best of the R's? Talk about being damned with faint praise!
are you kidding me, vaughn is ready for the boot and allsopp keeps digging her own hole deeper, what an embarassment.

feroce by 20% minimum

Frightland-Jason: you shocked me! I...I...I...I...just don't know what to say this time around.

How about this...have you noticed anything different with the way my handle has appeared lately??? Anything?
That is tough talk from Feroce's butler considering he sqeaked past her in the primary.
feroce did not have time to campaign, he just got back from overseas before the deadline to file for election... allsopp had since sometime in 2005! Now the real campaigning starts and Allsopp doesn't stand a chance, much less Vaughn.

Frank Murphy has a much, much better chance of winning than Eric
Murphy vs. Valihura (in the 10th where Dems regularly pull 53%) gets top billing in the next "Upset Watch".

Send me any others you know of.
Lavelle should stay but Casper is a huge problem not only for DSU bot for his costituents.
Casthcart has been COMPLETELY in bed with the the south canal developers.
If he toook a little actin to get some cash out of them to pay for the ills they bring, then too little too late.

I wonder if Smyrna Schools will get the referenda passed in this second go round?
Lavelle should stay but Casper is a huge problem not only for DSU bot for his costituents.
Casthcart has been COMPLETELY in bed with the the south canal developers.
If he toook a little actin to get some cash out of them to pay for the ills they bring, then too little too late.

I wonder if Smyrna Schools will get the referenda passed in this second go round?
Nancy -'re duplicate posting all over the place.'ve been hawking at different times about Cathcart and the developers. Can you prove it? Have you ever done enough homework to realize when the PAC(s) for developers dole out money, he isn't on the list, or when he is, the money is subsequently returned? Same goes with the real estate agents' PAC fund (agents need the development to get mass sales of new construction). There is a reason for that: he (and other legislators) have made it hard for developers to simply come in and plop down housing. I, for one, have done my homework and I did it when I moved into D9 because I wanted to be informed.

Can we now go to one of Jason's darlings and discuss B Hall-Long's friendships with developers? Hmmm??? Ask your buds in SNCCA their opinion on her.

Isn't it just so easy to assume a south-of-the-canal R is in bed with developers? Well, do some additional homework of your own and not just others' opinions, the results might SHOCK you. It isn't as partisan as you think, nor is every R the scoundrel you appear to believe.
Where I get my Cathcart data is from the SNCCA.
Sorry you are offended by the double posts of which there is a single other example....all over the place applies to your take on Cathcart's record with the massive, massive plans for so. canal development.
He was no where to be found when the people needed him the most who were looking our for their interests...

Are you aware that Coons led a council meeting when Pam Scott and Blenhiem Homes' Jay Sonecha staged a closed door event ..... the Council Chambers were so packed with union bodies getting there early that the fire marshall (who I have never seen at any other council meeting) was at the ready to DENY ACCESS TO THE MEETING TO VOTE FOR THE BAYBERRY DEVELOPMENT to the people from MOT who showed up to express their rightful constitutional right to be heard for the record.

yeah, ask the MOT members of SCCA about Cathcart.
The double post comment was the friendly jab before taking a more serious tone. That wasn't meant to offend, my apologies.

As far as SNCCA, my take on it is there was something that he and they didn't agree on...someTHING. I still have yet to find out what that was. While he can make a statement on something like Bayberry, tell me, what can he DO about it? Correct me if I am wrong, I am humble, you know, but isn't that a COUNTY issue to take up? Patty Powell? Careful with Bill Powers, too. He's for the the open policy of allowing developers to swoop in and gobble up farm land.

Back to SNCCA, there are more constituents to the base than them (ooo, shocker). As I said before and I will say again, someone who only claimed they are part of SNCAA (lone identification, too) made a comment that any residents of the new developments aren't worthy to be here and should leave..."Pack your crap and go the hell back." Some representation that is. I get the feeling that when they don't get their way once, you go on the shit list forever.
I know for a fact that Dick Cathcart is not looked upon favorably by the development industry. I remember as far back as 2002 when he was touting a bill called 'Developer Pays,' which was before impact fees were acceptable to talk about.

Trying to tie Cathcart to development is silly. Even if it wasn't a county issue. You want to discuss growth problems, call your Democratic County Council.
"Impact fees ACCEPTABLE to talk about....hahahahahahahha, well said from a Sussex realtor, Dave.


Cathcart was getting calls he would not return from his constituents about these issues.
by the way , I did not notice your linkability there MOT, welcome to the blogosphere.
I will see if I can dig up the exact issues and relate them. I am going to be in Odessa tonight for the Sierra Club's land use/pollution forum and I'll be asking the SNCCA people for quotes.

The TRUTH is that the county has only part control of the development issue but they retain the final say.

DelDOT and DNREC have input on roads and sewer BUT guess what, in the Bayberry situation , DelDOT (Hayward)- Roger Roy - Pam Scott - Blenheim MADE A SECRET DEAL for public monies (perhaps as much as 100 million)

And Gordonberry made more secret deals for the water - sewer that Coons' and Co. is following through on.

SNCCA has objected to the Coons plan in a formal DNREC complaint because of problems with the TMDL of pollutants into their watershed under the current arrangement for new growth waste disposal.

So it is not just a county issue.
Reining in DelDOT spending?

DNREC controlled by the legis? See it on my website spelled out in several articles and go to the SNCCA website for more.
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