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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Thumb: A Joke By Brian Beatty

I got a paper cut opening a Band-Aid wrapper. My bleeding thumb tasted just like irony.

Where ARE you?
I thought that Mike Matthews was gonna hit this question first FSP!

Jason is either wearing out some shoe leather for Spivack or he is resting up for Tuesday.

Dana is going to be giving election day "color" commentary on Tuesday afternoon on we have an exit polling agency in DE?

Is there a running tally from the electronic machines?
no running tally, the machines are not centrally monitored. They are not connected to phone lines.

two copies of a vote talley printout and the memory cartridge are removed at the end of voting. one paper copy is taped to the polling place door, the other paper copy is carried with the memorey cartridge is carried to the Dept of Elec HQ.
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