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Friday, September 22, 2006


Tariff Suspension Story Builds Momentum

UPDATE: Dave at FSP is all happy because he found Carper's tariff suspension bills. (Kilroy beat him by about a week, but whatever). So what now? Was Dave saying both sides do it so it is okay? I sure hope not. Was he saying Jan Ting should start beating Carper up about this? Well, that would be great. The more light we can shine on this practice the better.

Dave is a big balanced budget fan - but he wants it balanced by eliminating social security. Maybe he can see the merit in getting rid of these earmarks first.

Four newspapers picked up The Washington Post story about how Congressmen like Michael Castle are working with large companies to stiff American tax payers.

Salt Lake Tribune: Tariff suspensions, often initiated by companies based overseas ...
San Luis Obispo Tribune: Thomas backs tariff suspensions, often initiated by companies ...
Fort Worth Star Telegram: Big importers quietly seek tax gains at expense of small firms
Arkansas News: Wal-Mart's tariff measures face criticism

um except Castles name is not in ANY of the articles you linked to.

in fact most the congresscritters named are Democrats.
most the congresscritters named are Democrats.

So much for the "liberal media" theory.

Nobody ever denied the Dems were in this too. I hope Ting hits Carper hard on it - it'll draw more attention to Castle.

Keep digging Jason, there's a pony in there somehere.
I said early on that Ting should be in on this, but he is a pot smoking hippie so what do you expect.

Joe Stephens said that Castle was high on the list, but they just focused on the top five.
I'm sure Ting will not say a peep. Protack might have. My question is where is Spivack? I don't hear him calling for an investigation.
Well too bad Ting beat Protack then.

As for Spivack that is a good question. I'll email them and see what they are saying about this.
Oh my, Jason...Did I say on a previous thread that I'm sure Carper has done the same? Looks like you've been served!
You should know better than to try to bait Jason into defending Carper.

I hope all the Republicans, including their Green/Independent enablers, go to town explaining just how harmful and corrupt the Castle/Carper tariff suspensions are.

(did you see the list of Carper's tariff suspension? he has one hell of a shoe fetish...)
Served? Kilroy pointed out Carper's tariff suspension bills after my first post on the subject.

Where are my balanced budget hawks? Go get him FSP - the more the merrier.
So you'll be condeming Carper as well? Ohh...I wonder if Biden's done the same. If anything, you and Dave have proven that this problem is legion and not just relagated to the likes of Mike Castle. That's why I'm not a partisan...Dem or Repub. I realize the danger both parties present to the country. They both lie and they both attempt to shove off rehashed talking points on an unsuspecting and -- quite simply -- stupid public.
Dave is a big balanced budget fan - but he wants it balanced by eliminating social security.

That's not even a remotely fair statement of my position. Ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Social Security will be eliminated, in so much as it won't be around when I retire, if we don't do something to fix it.
Mike M -

That's fine. I happen to attack the situation from the perspective that the Republicans are worse than the Democrats over the long run. But I see where you are coming from. The larger question is - what can mere citizens do about corruption when there is a conspiracy of silence that includes both major parties, and the press?

Dave -

Whenever budgets are mentioned you tie the thread to social security. I'm saying that there is a two sides to balancing a budget. Getting the revenue in and making good spending choices. It is not all about cutting expenses.
We're getting the revenue, Jason. The problem is spending. My problem with entitlements is not necessarily today, but the coming years, when they become over half of the entire federal budget.
We're getting the revenue,

Just not from rich people or corporations is Mike Castle and Tom Caprer have anything to say about it.
Actually, we get most of our revenue from rich people and corporations, regardless of these actions.
Another thing. I can't find one of these Carper or Castle tarriff reductions that actually got through. Can you?
I recently heard that 77% of revenue is from income taxes...sweat equity. So the very rich using loopholes to avoid taxation on everything else makes me wonder at the balance suggested above by fsp.
just sayin that the picture is more complex.
Another thing. I can't find one of these Carper or Castle tarriff reductions that actually got through.

They roll them into omnibus bills or attach them to other legislation and pass them all in batches.
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