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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Take the poll

Who should be the next Governor of Delaware ?
Chris Coons
John Carney
Jack Markell
Karen Petersen
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Let's face it - the next Governor is going to be decided by the Democratic primary. The DEGOP is sucking air and might be wandering in the wilderness for 40 years the way things look right now.

I'll leave voting open over the weekend so email your network of fellow travelers and make sure they vote.

Here is the bonus question:

Who should be the next Lt. Governor of Delaware ?
Chris Coons
Matt Denn
Karen Petersen
Peter Schwartzkopf
Free polls from

UPDATE: Josh wants me to add Ted Blunt to the Lt. Gov poll next time. Let me know in the comments if you have a candidate that I left off.

How come it's not running a tally?
How about doing a poll on preference for Democratic candidate for President? I believe the media is pushing for Hillary Clinton and that the Dems really don't want her.
I started a Presidentail preference tracking poll 2 months ago inordee to start loking at trends.

The next one will be up around Sept 15.
Looking at the numbers, a lot of us voted for Karen Peterson for each position, hedging the bets.

I don't think Coons' DLC standing is putting him in good standing, at least with this morning's voters.

I just posted a nice county land use - development essay and didn't even cite Coons, this time.
Ted Blunt!
Ted Blunt for LG was my other vote!
Ted Blunt for Gov and Lt Gov...yes yes yes
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