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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Should I run as a "write in" candidate against Carper?

I've been thinking about how everything I've been saying about Castle could also be said about Carper. Carper voted FOR Bush's vanity war, and for blank check after blank check for Bush. He voted for the terrible bancrupcy bill and even for killing the exemption to protect our service members from the terrible bancrupcy bill, and he still supports the third party candidate in the Ct. Senate race.

What do you think?

Should Jason Scott run for the US Senate as a "write in" candidate against Tom Carper?
Sure. At least one Democrat should be in the race.
No. Carper does not need a wake up call.
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Put the energy into supporting a primary challenge.
Six years from now? In the meantime Carper gets to vote like a Republican.

Anyway - it is not as if I'd be putting much energy into it.
I didn't know felons could run for office...
I'm working on a couple of slogans

"I don't want to win!"

"Write in 'Jason Scott' and I'll buy you a beer!
(first 50 voters) "

"Bush is a crumb bumb!"
felonious Smith on the ballot?
oops Scott
"I am not a crook!"

Another possible campaign slogan.
Jason, I'm going to write your name in in Novemeber. I'm serious.

I can't vote for either Ting or Carper. So I planned n writing in someone's name. It might as well be you.

Develop a platform & I'll push your candidacy on my blog. I'm serious.
Thanks for the support. My platform would be that I am running to hold Carper accountable for his shitty voting record, but maybe I can add a few liberal pet peeves.

The voting is surprising. I did not think it would be a close decision.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you want to mount a serious write-in campaign, make sure everyone you contact is 100% clear on the spelling. Any variations in the spelling will cause them to be considered as votes for two different individuals. The COE can count votes only on the literal handwriting, they can NOT consider a voter's intent, regardless if they spelled your last name Scott or Scot.

Even I will do this for you. I shall write-in Jason Frightland Scott.

I have a slogan, "Danger! Danger! Be like Spivak! Danger" OK, so that is for Jason Robot Scott, not Jason Frightland Scott.
If I decide to run, "Jason Scott" will work better...from what I've heard.
Carper vs. Ting is a perfect opportunity even for partisan Dems to cast a protest vote. You can vote against your party to send a message without any real risk of affecting the outcome (also known as the Mike Castle method).
I'll put you down as a "yes".
Just remember to stick the 3 issues that the public cares about....parking, praking and parking :)
oops..I guess some money spent on edgamacation would be good too. The second issue would be correctly spelled "parking."
Mr. K,

Will you be my Josh Lyman if I run?
I'm already working on your Contract for Delaware. :)
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