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Thursday, September 07, 2006


Rove's Fight Club

I'm trying to figure out how Bush, Rove and Castle can play Americans for a bunch of suckers and get away with it every single time. I'm trying to figure out how ABC can promote this right-wing nonsense that blames Clinton for 9/11 and many Democrats can just say - "oh well."

And I'm trying to figure out how Castle can go into this election standing for absolutely nothing other than getting re-elected and be ahead. Then it came to me...

You know how in movies when someone gets kicked or punched in the balls they bend over for a second and then keep on fighting like nothing happened?

Well that is not what happens in real life. In real life if someone gets hit squarely in the nuts they go down for the count. The fight does not go on for another twenty minutes. The fight is over.

Karl Rove knows this. He knows that everything other than the kick in the balls is a sideshow. He knows that the winner of the fight is not determined by the judges scorecard. He knows that the winner of the fight is the guy who does not end up sprawled out in a pool of his own blood and vomit. David Crossan and Ken Grant know this and are managing Ferris Wharton's campaign with this knowledge. Beau Biden probably knows it. We'll see I guess.

Not many Democrats seem to know about the real rules. We still have Democrats who want to dance around and fight using the "Marquis of Queensberry Rules" who think a referee is going to raise the better man's hand at the end. That is fine as far as Rove is concerned. He can just wait for that opening and...WHAM!

In a thread below people commented on the Spivack campaign. To me, Dennis seemed to be the kind of fighter who could deliver the GOP style kick in the nuts. The kind of Democrat, in short, that the times call for. Maybe the DLC's Tom Carper bought him off with his $10,000 contribution and told him not to deliver the groin punch. Maybe his consultants warned him off it. Maybe he has that punch, but is waiting for his opening. Who knows.

One thing is sure. Until WE Democrats take a page out of Rove's handbook - WE are going to be the guys with blood in OUR piss who are comforted by notions of our moral superiority.

This is the statement that ties your post back together:

"We still have Democrats who want to dance around and fight using the "Marquis of Queensberry Rules" who think a referee is going to raise the better man's hand at the end."

That's exactly why the Clinton administration is responsible for the 9/11 attacks, and why jerks like Harry Reid are so proud to say things like, "We killed the Patriot Act." That's why Dems wring their hands about the treatment of al Qaeda terrorists at Gitmo and black detention sites, and trying to give them the same Geneva Convention rights as the uniformed soldiers of signatory nations. Meanwhile, the bad guys cut their prisoners' heads off, or launch unguided rockets at civilians.
What the hell are you getting at? Clinton was reponsible for the 9/11 attacks....? I don't follow.

The bottom line on my post is - R's win elections by being mean ass dirty fighters.

If they brought half of that spirit to finding Bin Laden and fighting terrorism - we'd be better off.

Instead they need to invade Iraq for God knows what reason and trash the economy with out of controll spending. And they do it because they can depend on lame brain dopes like you thinking that they are accomplishing something.
"I'm trying to figure out how ABC can promote this right-wing nonsense that blames Clinton for 9/11..."

If Dems brought half the spirit to fighting the war on terror that they do to trashing the administration, we'd be better off.
Right. Everyone who thinks the President is a screw-up and that invading Iraq was BS is a Nazi appeaser. We just want Bin Laden to take over the world.

I forgot.
Maybe G Rex's point is that Americans don't trust Democrats to defend the country since they have not demonstrated an ability to defend themselves against Karl Rove's lies and dirty tricks.
If that is his point - I guess it has a bit of merit.
Whatever. So anyway, are you claiming that Rove is behind the ABC miniseries? You're going to have to be more specific about the Rovian dirty tricks here; too bad Plamegate didn't work out for you. Oh wait, didn't Rove forge documents about Bush's National Guard attendance and get them into Dan Rather's hands by Machiavellian trickery?
Please. There is enough in the public record about Rove that indicts him more completely then anything I could make up or imagine.

I think that is why you like him. He is a "winner" in the brutal Darwinian sense of the word.

To hell with the Constitution, country our security even our planet's very future. Being on the winning team is all that matters to some people - and, funny as you are, - I put you in that category.

I hope you've enjoyed being on the winning team G. You've been fooled and I can't hold that against you. But either by waking up to reality, or losing - I hope that you don't continue to enjoy winning.
Right, 'cause Huffington Post is public record. Go on, show me a G. Gordon Liddy black bag job, or even a former bouncer that nobody can remember hiring going through opponents' IRS records. Nope, all you have is invective and name calling.

The truth hurts I know. What did that guy say to Neo in the matrix...? Of course your eyes hurt - you've never used them befor.

Try here.

Or here.

...or here.
Three different left wing hit pieces about something that may or may not have happened in Texas in 1986. Wow, I'm convinced. This is right on par with claiming Hillary had Vince Foster killed to cover up her affair with him.

Once again, Reagan was right:

"The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they're ignorant: It's just that they know so much that isn't so."
This says it perfectly about the ABC series.

Of course, Jase though F/9-11 was just dandy, didn't he?
Crazy left wing wacko Wall Street Journal
Hube -

Here is the difference. ABC is trying to sell the fantasy 9/11 was Clinton's fault into schools through a partnership with Scholastic.

F9/11 was what it was - a partisan look at how f'ed up and wrong our reaction to 9/11 was - and some back ground on why it was so f'ed up due to Bush's connections to the House of Saud. Nobody ever tried to sell it as an addition to your history curriculum.
I don't think Rove's "groin punch" always takes the form of a black bag job.

The swift boating of John Kerry is a classic example. Take one of Bush's biggest weaknesses (a spotty military service record) and project that onto your opponent.
Wrong again. Kerry tried to use the fact that Bush never served in Vietnam against him, with his silly stunt sailing into harbor with his Swiftie chums and playing war hero. He got called out on his 3 weak Purple Hearts, and wouldn't release his records to refute it.
apparently it's a kick to the groin when you hold up a democrat's public record for examination by the voters.
I have to hand it to you boys. You are steadfast in your idiocy.
Here is the difference. ABC is trying to sell the fantasy 9/11 was Clinton's fault into schools through a partnership with Scholastic.

Gee. School's using "bad history" (and I'm not so sure this is even "bad") in materials and textbooks? NO!

It happens all the time, Jase. Examine a modern history text. I have -- many, actually. That being said, I've read the Bush admin. takes its share of lumps, too. It ain't just Bill C. and co. But hey -- maybe Sandy Berger can sneak the master film into his pants before the flick airs!
BTW, did you know Clinton is on tape admitting he should have accepted [the Sudan's] offer for bin Laden? I had forgotten about that until a guy brought it up in a pundit show debate last night. I just Googled it and here it is.
Remember the Reagan movie that was not allowed to air (or it might have aired on a different chanel). The GOPers are going around (Hannity anyway) saying this interference has no precedence.

It is a huge distraction from reality and evidently a huge leap from reality too.
Love the fight club imagery, Jason.

One of the coolest movies ever and set in Wilmington too boot.

Blod in one's piss, something to think about the next time we need DEMs to PICK LEADERSHIP....old gray Reid and nervous nelly Pelosi do not good ball bangers make.
Hey Jase -- where is your trumpeting of "Big Brother Fascist" about the Dems' threats to pull ABC's license?

And, Scholastic has reversed course on using the film as a teaching tool. Link.
I made a comment here once that suggested that a group of individuals could be even more effective against a candidate than a political machine and you dismissed it. You need to decide to "take a page out of Rove's handbook" yourself and become paticipatory in the conflict; sitting behind the keyboard has its advantages but your sphere of influence is rather small. Imagine reaching a greater audience with a Rovian-styled attack. Partial truth mixed with conjecture is a wonderful thing and every politician is subject to innuendo since there is not a one who is so squeaky clean that they are immune to such targetting. All that remains is your actual input.
Rove is such a shit. Only a piece of filth like Rove could have a gay father and then proceed to be the most cynical bigot ever (outside of 1933-1945 Germany) to blowtorch gay people as subhuman political props, in service to twisted power mania.

Speaking of twisted power mania....for the Bushies to compare their detractors to Nazi appeasers is the equivalent of Herr Goebbels accusing Churchill of betraying Chamberlain.

They must have had to dig up a few history books (the ones they didn't burn) to conjure up this latest absurdity. But obviously whatever history books they pulled from the incinerator bin must have skipped over that little footnote in history called VIETNAM!!! Perhaps because people like Rumsfeld might stumble across their own names. Or perhaps because it is a bit of history they didn't forget. After all, could anyone merely doomed to repeat history actually do it this perfectly?
All that remains is your actual input.

If you are saying that Castle is gay, I've heard that. But I don't see how it matters to anyone other than his wife.

If it is something else - you'll have to be a bit less cryptic.
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