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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


No Transcript...What is Castle hiding?

It is standard operating procedure for a campaign to release a transcript of remarks along with a press release on the day of a big announcement such as announcing your candidacy.

As of 1:46pm neither the DEGOP nor Michael "Newbold" Castle has released a transcript.

UPDATE II:"The speech lasted about 15 minutes and I hardly heard a damn word. Rep. Castle was speaking into a microphone with no amplification system." ...and that is not the funny part. Just read the whole DWA post. It makes me want to form a Delaware Blogger's Association so I could give Mike some kind of award.

UPDATE: According to at least one person who went to the Leg Hall event - "There is no transcript."

Very interesting indeed. To pull something like this, Castle must be more on the ropes than I ever imagined. He is hoping that this break with the basic conventions of campaigning goes unnoticed and has judged that the possibility of this being noticed is less damaging than having the transcript of his half-truths, obfuscations and out right lies in circulation.

A guy speaks from the heart and the brain instead of a piece of paper and that's a bad thing?

You're reaching again, brother.

In fact, I don't ever recall the release of a campaign announcement transcript. By anyone. Ever.
No press release with key points highlighted for our energetic fourth estate. Nothing. Nada. Please.

I'm not buying it. Something is fishy about this. Maybe he wanted to show one face to SC and a different face to NCC - maybe he is running scared?
I picked up a piece of campaign literature, Jason...I'd be happy to scan it and send it to you. Check my page for a rundown!

That is the funniest post of the year.
I guess Ferris Wharton is a nobody.
Jason, why don't you call his office and request a transcript? I have the number if you need it.
Ferris is a trailblazer.

You are on a roll my man.
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