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Monday, September 04, 2006


My full quotes to JL Miller

The blogger story is out. Overall, an okay job. I just have two questions for JL.

Question 1:What happened to my full quotes ?

As I recall I said...

"Smyrna is a good example because the records were out there. If [Republican U.S. Rep.] Michael Castle wins, it's not because I didn't work hard enough to find his record [of being a rubber stamp for George Bush and get it]out there," Scott said.


"I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for Castle's announcement speech, because I'm going to pull that thing apart," he said. "I know it is going to be full of half-truths, obtusifications and outright lies."

I think the full quotes would have given the article a little more punch.

For the record, I also chewed his ear off about how blogs are a response to the lap dog media we have in this state that can't ask tough questions like: Does Michael Castle regret supporting George Bush? If so does he owe the people of Delaware an apology? I'm not surprised that calling out Patrick Jackson and Celia Cohen by name did not make it in.

Question 2: Who the hell reads Paul Smith ?


I don't think you can possibly be this dense, right?? The article wasn't about your political points of view. It was about blogging in Delaware and how influential it may/may not be. I'd say JL gave you enough slack with just your final quote.

And, the point about Paul Smith is clear. They weren't interviewing Paul Smith of his own blog. They interviewed him on behalf of Delaware2006.
Paul is practically the only member of the DE 2006 "club" sho does anything with that web site.

I got interviewed for a story last week by Patrick Jackson (at least a fortyfive minute discussion) but not one quote got in!

I like talking with Patrick, regardless, he gave me a lot of insights into the DE Dover scene and a lot of quotes for my blog.

That things end up on the editing room "floor", Jason are not to be taken personally but I am glad to see the full context of your statements....on your blog, irony?

I did not expect Miller to press my entire agenda - but since it was a story about "political blogs" I hoped for a bit of poltical content.

Liek I said it would have given the story a bit more punch.
I certainly enjoy your tenacity!
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