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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


More Reformed Ticket Splitters for Spivack

I missed this one:

It is said that one sign of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Last week President Bush was quoted saying that he would try to privatize Social Security again in 2007, if the Republicans retained control of the Congress. He's going to do it again and he's expecting a different result. Maybe our president is crazy, or maybe not.

I, for one, don't want to gamble on this. Social Security is too important to our country to risk sending our Republican representative back to Washington. Castle can be counted on to vote with Bush 90-plus percent of the time. During the last assault on Social Security he made a big show of listening to the voters but he took no position. To save Social Security Delaware needs to elect Dennis Spivack.

R Young, Newark

Another NJ reader makes a strong case:

Castle should step aside so issues get addressed

For all of congressman Mike Castle's admirable qualities as a person and a politician, I believe the time has come for him to be turned out of office by voters.

As long as he and his party remain in control of the congressional agenda, nothing will ever get done about the real issues of concern to Americans: health care, declining wages, lack of good jobs, increasing energy costs, and the incompetence of the Bush foreign policy, notably the disaster of Iraq.

Castle may often be at odds with his party leadership, but he still votes to empower them and their appalling agenda. That includes tax cuts at a time of record deficits, no minimum wage increase; not dealing with the crisis in health care; not confronting global warming; not encouraging stem cell research against deadly and debilitating diseases, and not dealing with rising energy costs.

The only problems this Republican Congress seems to want to solve are gay marriage, flag burning, and what they now label Islamofascism -- which used to be terrorism but has only grown in intensity due to the mindless diplomatic and military policies of the Bush administration. Congress has done virtually nothing to check or balance it.

This country needs a change in Washington. Electing Dennis Spivack to deal with the real problems facing our country is the only way for Delawareans to get that change.

D. Pritchett, Smyrna

reformed ticket splitters?
is Castle all there was and all there ever will be....not.
reformed ticket splitters?
is Castle all there was and all there ever will be....not.
"R Young," as in this R Young?

Nice objective sources, J.
It is a free country.
Spivak is a dud and an embarrassment to the Democratic Party.
To save Social Security Delaware needs to elect Dennis Spivack.

This has to be the funniest thing I've ever read. So...Spivack is the Superman that will save Social Security from the nefarious interests of corporate America? Spivack...and Spivack alone will attempt this feat and unilaterally succeed! Like I said...very funny.
All aboard! The Spivak Haunted Hayride Congressional Tour will be departing the Frightland barn with the Spivak-Robot hub as its lone destination before returning! Come watch this frighteningly amusing ride. Guaranteed to end Nov 7 2006. Post-mortem special Nov 8 at the Spivak-Robot household.

So, you say, "St Ferris," but the way Mike M puts it, are we coming on the age of "Lord Dennis?"
I agree that R Young would better serve the public to acknowledge her DEM title when writing her opinion pieces....
This has to be the funniest thing I've ever read.

Your scorn betrays a deep (willful) ignorance of the may amuse yourself but others don't find it so funny.

Bush's Social Security privatization failed only because some Republicans were afraid to face the voters in November with a Yes vote on their record. If a Republican majority returns then this constraint will be removed. Bush will re-introduce the privatization which will very likely succeed on a party-line vote.

Whatever else you may think of Spivack, he would occupy a Democratic seat and be a reliable Democratic vote in the House. A Dem majority would allow the introduction of a common-sense Social Security reform package that does not include the privatization giveaway. So depending on the composition of the House - yes, Spivack literally COULD single-handedly save Social Security.

Now Mike Castle is on the spot; he will soon have the opportunity to let Delaware know how he feels about torture. I don't know how Ol' "Silent Mike" feels about torture - he hasn't said, as far as I know - but I bet he is inclined to support Bush on it. How do you think Spivack would vote on torture?

See ya later, Giggle-guts.
Obviously you missed the point of my comment, you stupid ass. Talk your Spivack-approved talking points elsewhere and don't use them on me. I'm immune to the charms of BS politico-speak. When you later understand the point of my "Social Security Savior" point I was making, then perhaps we can talk.
OK, I'm off to the mountaintop to contemplate the layers of meaning in your "Social Security Savior" point. Don't wait up for me.
Mike and Dana hate Spivack. So they'd rather have Castle's brand of corporate cronyism. It is that simple.
I'll write-in my own name before I vote for either Castle or Spivack.
I'll write-in my own name before I vote for either Castle or Spivack.

OK, that's one vote for the Republican agenda in Congress. They are always grateful for your expression of support.
Well, somewhat ought to be grateful for my support. And, please...drop the anonymity. It's soooo 2002.
"Somewhat?" I'm an idiot. That should read "someone ought to be grateful..."
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