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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Live blogging from Del Dem HQ

I just got here and it looks like people are just coming in from various polling places. I'll update every five minutes from here on out.

8:23First Results: Spivack 54.9% Nagle 45% of course that is only 71 votes couted so far.

First Rumor: Ting could lose.

8:26 - Big cheers for Dennis Spivack

8:45 - Spivack 60% Nagle 40% still too few votes to tell. Is Protack pulling away from Ting? Way too early to say.

8:57 - More chit chat. This low turn out could overturn the chessboard. Some RD's had as few as 30 people voting.

9:13 - Moore lost 8 of 9 reporting. Grant looks to have upset Peterman. Republicans are not happy. The voters are delivering a vote of no confidence to the GOP leadership.

9:15 - O'Donnell is acting as a spoiler for Protack. Protack was just bitching on WILM.

9:29 - Mike M from Down with Absolutes just popped in. His take: Korn better watch out. Manolakos could give him big problems. I suppose Dana gets some credit for this upset. Maybe he did his job too well?

9:37 - Feroce wins. Ting might pull it out.

9:46 - GERALD L. BRADY 48 . 1% LORETTA WALSH 46 . 2 % 12 of 14 reporting.

9:58 - Markell "This is the begining. We need to get together around these winning candidates and get the job done."

McWilliams: "I'm very thrilled for the entire party. This makes me feel really confident about Novemebr based on what we did tonight."

Spivack: "I just want to thnak everyone. This is a trenendous victory for the Democratic party. If we want to change what is happening in Washington we have to change who we send to Washington.

Tomorrow: Celia Cohen eats a huge-ass crow.

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Hey Jason!
Thanks for the running blog from DelDem HQ. You are the best!
Jason takes out DEM trash.....huh?
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