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Monday, September 18, 2006


Jefferson Jackson: The Blue and Gold Rundown*

Ruth Ann Minner: Blue Holy crap! How did she ever get elected? Lee must have been a stiff of the first order.

Tom Carper: Blue Boring lackluster speech delivered poorly. To say he is phoning it in against Ting wildly overstates the kind of energy Carper is going to put into that race. [These first speeches were so bad that nobody noticed that the sound system in the back of the room was not working.]

Ken Salazar: Blue(ish) Okay I guess for a guy who's goal was to get out of Delaware ASAP. At least, for a DLC guy, he sounded like a Democrat.

Beau Biden: Gold He rocked. Wharton is in trouble. He is like Joe Biden but without the embarrassing gaffes and self importance.

Matt Denn: Gold What he lacks in looks he makes up for in smarts and hard work. Tonight he also showed that he is funny. Denn just took a small role (introducing subdivision awards) and used it to take a huge step forward in the race for Lt. Gov.

Jack Markell: Gold Jack used his speech to excoriate Republicans and GOP style malfeasance. Awesome. Lets face it - it is not just George Bush, it is REPUBLICAN malfeasance that has this country in the state it is in.

John Carney: Blue He hit the right notes, but it was way too studied and politician-y. Kind of like Carper Junior.

Dennis Spivack: Gold Dennis gave the best speech of his candidacy AND got major props from Joe Biden. Spivack has Castle pinned down, so the Chemical Congressman can't spend his time and money helping other R's which makes him even more likeable.

Joe Biden: SOLID GOLD He got off to a slow start, but really brought the house down when he had the audience imagine what the day after 9/11 would have been like if JFK or FDR had been the President when we got attacked. I got goose bumps. He seriously made me rethink his run for the White House.
Bonus Round

Del Dems Admin: Gold Molly Jurusik, Renee Bensley, Kristin Dwyer, Amanda Lamar, and Alexander Snyder-Mackler pulled off an real winner of an event. The Democrats are as together and efficient as the Republicans are F'ed up and out of control.

Down Ticket Dems: Gold Pat Morrison, Eric Levin, Richard Korn, Bob Walls, John Kowalko, Mike Barbieri, Jeanine Kliemo and the rest have a 2 - 3% boost if the top of the ticket pours it on like they did tonight.

Republicans: Blue The word is out. You are wrecking this country and the Democrats are going to do something about that.

*The check is in the mail Celia. Thanks for renting me your "Blue/Gold" framework.

Here is Drew Volturo's State News Recap

The NJ's Patrick Jackson has a story about meeting Ken Salazar (more DLC Bullshit talking points) in the print edition, but nothing online. There is a difference between being bipartisan and accomodating George Bush's failed Presidency. [By the way Patrick, you might have missed this - but the DLC now admits that they are not really "Democrats"].

And Celia has not filed her story as of 7:05 AM - but I'm sure clicking here will bring you to her recap sometime today.

It was a great night to be a Delaware Democrat. Record turn-out. Everyone in the party was there and they are fired up to win in November. Spivack was great, the best we've ever seen. Now we just need to get the voters to show up at the polls.
Donate, donate, donate.

Lit drop, lit drop, lit drop.

Phone calls, phone calls, phone calls.

50 days to go.
Nice encapsulation of events for someone like me who could not attend. Thanks
Ruth Ann Minner: Blue Holy crap! How did she ever get elected? Lee must have been a stiff of the first order.

Delaware GOP, take note: Delawareans are so repulsed by the Republican agenda they would rather vote for someone like RAM than give any oxygen to the Republicans. Why else would Ferris Wharton even find himself in a close race?
Everyone in the party was there

Except that guy who's running for Auditor. Was he there? Did anyone even mention his name? What is his name?
It's funny. Your Blue and Gold rankings coincide beautifully with your personal opinion of those people in general.
Beau over Ferris? You've got to be kidding. I stand by what I wrote in this post.

Otherwise, very nice wrap-up. Markell is a rock star, isn't he?
Your Blue and Gold rankings coincide beautifully with your personal opinion of those people in general.

Not so with regard to Joe Biden. As for the rest - I guess I just have a natural gift for taking the measure of people.

Mike -

Ferris still has a very outside chance with me based on the debates. But, Beau is going to be a force in the state regardless of how this election turns out.
Unfortunately, you may be right, Jason.
We're posting video soon!!
I agree. Markell is the best Republican that the Democrats have.
Video is posted!
I know you have a special love for the DLC...

IRS Yanks Democratic Leadership Council Tax Status ^ | Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2006 10:04 a.m. EDT | Staff

The Internal Revenue Service has revoked the tax-exempt status of the Democratic Leadership Council on the grounds it mainly benefited a private group – Democrats running for office – rather than the community at large.

The DLC has countered with a lawsuit in federal court, and the outcome could affect the increasing use of tax-exempt organizations by politicians and lobbyists, according to a Forbes magazine article headlined "The Democrats’ Little Tax Secret.”

The conflict is not without its ironic twists. For one, the DLC’s chairman during the years the IRS claims it wasn’t bipartisan enough was Sen. Joe Lieberman, recently rejected by primary voters in Connecticut as being too pro-Bush.

To help make its case against the DLC, the Justice Department has hired a researcher from Public Citizen, the watchdog organization founded by Ralph Nader.

And the DLC has hired an aide to former President George H.W. Bush to help make its case.

The DLC was founded by 1985 by then Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton and others with a view toward supporting moderate and conservative Democrats. The IRS began auditing in 2002, and in a previously unreported action, revoked its exemption for 1997, 1998 and 1999, saying the group owes $20,083 in back taxes.

The DLC insists it is not strictly partisan and argues that some of the causes it has lobbied for, including welfare reform, received more Republican than Democratic votes in Congress, Forbes reports.

The DLC also maintains that the Democrat-only workshops it organized accounted for less than 5 percent of its annual budget, while 70 percent was spent on publications available to the general public.

Forbes concludes: "The case is not an easy win for either side.”
Kickin ass on DELiberal....loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is pretty much what I would have predicted knowing the personalities of our leadership for the most part....I will take you for your word on Spivack.

We do need him to rock out and step up.
You missed eight important people who worked endlessly that day, other than our AMAZING DDP Staff:

Coordinated Camp:
Dave Sammarco
Chris Waters
Jen Lindahl
Dianna Reardon

County Chairs:
Jim Paoli
Abby Betts
Shirley Price

and Erin K. from Carney's camp who was like a second staffer for the DDP...

they deserve a standing O along with our party staff for doing an amazing job last night!!!

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Spivak is going to get trounced by Democrat Hartley-Nagle when the voters from other parties vote for her too, but nice try in attempting to resurect Dennis's credibility. With all the help he had and all the hurdles she had to overcome -- she still took 40% on $400 in a Democratic Primary compared to Dennis's 60% on $240,000. Face reality -- Dennis is done!

If Dennis could not perform better than that against Hartley-Nagle -- Castle will crush him. I hope she stays in the race, at least we still have a viable Democrat to vote for in the general election that can take votes from Castle.
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I didn't know there was a Democrat named Hartley-Nagle. I know there's someone running on the Independent Party of Delaware ticket, but not a Democrat.
Dennis was amazing. He's hit his stride and now all he has to do is march on to November 7th. Hartley-Nagle is Castel's Mini Me. She's just there as a spoiler -- wonder where her financing is coming from? And don't believe the $400 for one minute. Once Beau is elected A.G. and we launch an investigation into her campaign I predict much mud will be slung, at the GOP.
You may not like the fact that Hartley-Nagle is a Democrat running under the Independent Party of Delaware ticket but that is the way it is. Denial won't change the facts. Just check her party affilliation, it reads Democratic. Voters have a second chance to vote a Democrat into the House. Dennis is done and stands no chance against Castle, most people know that and at this point consider him a joke.
Thanks for visiting Delawareliberal Karen. You are welcome to stop by and comment anytime.
Taking her primary percentage, why assume she has no following to post in her favor?
GOP behind KHN, what a laugh, go finish you wheaties Dennis.
The main part of an article is the matter of it. So keeping this in mind, we have included as much about amy gold here as possible.
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