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Sunday, September 03, 2006


How many Hitlers do we have to fight?

According to Bush Iranian President Ahmadinejad is now Adolf Hitler. It kind of goes without saying that Osama is Hitler.

It was not to long ago that Saddam Hussein was worse than Hitler. Al-Zarqawi turned out to be like Hitler in his bunker.

You might be surprised to know that according to the wing-nuts in charge, Hugo Chavez is acting like a latin Adolf Hitler. I don't know how we can attack that Hitler when Pat Robertson points out that Activist Judges are more dangerous than Osama AND Hitler.

Even way back in 1989, Manuel Noriega was 'just like Hitler'.

It seems that there is a Hitler under every rock. Can't we find any bad guys who are like Mussolini? Does everyone we intend to bomb HAVE to be Hitler? Is that some kind of law?

Hitler contributed research to this post.

At least future generations don't have to repeat this nonsense - they will be able to say their rightwing nutjobs are "worse than Bush."
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