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Sunday, September 17, 2006


A Happy Occasion

Life goes on...and at times, life is sweet

I had the great privilege to see two fantastic people get married today at the Tylar Aboretum near Media PA. I was further blessed to be able to give the "best man's" toast. Here is a rough transcript:

Shawn and Amber asked me to make a toast but first I just want to say, and I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say, thank you for not getting married in the middle of the might have been too hot.

Well, in life it is hard to look down the road and know what is going to happen. But not today.

Today, when I think about how great Shawn is and all the qualities he has that make him a great friend, and I think about Amber and how wonderful she is, they just make the world a better and brighter place by being together. So, I am not wondering about what their life is going to be like.

I know their life is going to be full of happiness and love. Just like the happiness and love that was so obvious to me when I saw them together for the first time. And just like the happiness and love that is nearly overwhelming today.

So here is the toast. To Amber and Shawn and the love and happiness that you find in each other today ...and the love and happiness that you show to the world everyday. Cheers.

The toast was an homage to Amber and Shawn - but also to Mr. Knuckles who delivered the best "best man toast" EVER at my wedding to Mrs. Delawareliberal 12 years ago next month.

What? No mention of Castle? You are getting soft. You must be distracted by the opening of Frightland.

Stupid emotions! I can't knock you on this, nor anyone experiencing a truly unadulterated happy experience. I get one every morning when my kids wake me up.

Enough of that! Go to Frightland yet? I heard they renamed the haunted hayride to the "Dennis Spivak Congressional Tour." It's their main attraction this year. It still has all of the haunted and gholish trappings, just a more apt name.
serenity now....serenity now....
You know how much I enjoy being your ghost writer.... sometimes I even get a t-shirt out of the deal.

Cheers to Shawn and Amber!
Hey that reminds me it has been five or six year since your last good t-shirt.

What are you waiting for a tree limb to fall on your head?
I'll draw up a few ideas and deliver in the usual manner ... in a plain-brown envelope, 2nd level of the Washington Post parking garage. You'll know it's ready when the flower pot on the balcony has a red flag.
Very nice toast. Did you write it between cutting, or running?
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