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Monday, September 04, 2006


Governor & Lt. Governor Poll Results

Who should be the next Governor of Delaware ?

Karen Petersen 44%
Jack Markell 36%
John Carney 17%
Chris Coons 3%

AT this point I like Markell and he clearly has a ground game in place. I also like Petersen and clearly I am not alone. She has a lot of fans in the blogosphere (and in real life for that matter). She would certainly be a breath of fresh air in a race that could end up being to be all too predictable.

Who should be the next Lt. Governor of Delaware ?

Matt Denn 32%
Karen Petersen 23%
Peter Schwartzkopf 23%
Other 23%

Now this one was a surprise. I have no idea if Denn is interested in this. I put him in just because he is the hardest working guy in Delaware and (DLC affiliation aside) he is a great Democrat. However - I have since learned that there are probably another 5 or 6 Dems looking at this race. So this could turn into a real donnybrook. Ted Blunt could be one of those people and I'll include him in future tracking polls. As for the others - let me know who you are and I'll put you o the list.

I really like Blunt for a top job in a state exectutive office. A Peterson Blunt ticket?
Karen Peterson is wonderful, but I am not shure she is ready for this step - she hasn't mastered her current position yet. She is also a little to quick to jump without first weighing all of the consequences.

Blunt - a good choice to send in that direction.

Carney and Markell - each is perfectly capable and will be welcome.

Personally - I would like to see Markell knock Castle out of office instead.
Sure Karen Peterson is nice, but I don't think Delawareans are ready for a female governor.
Personally - I would like to see Markell knock Castle out of office instead.

He missed his best shot this year.
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