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Friday, September 15, 2006


Give 'em hell Dennis

I hear passion. Bush/Castle has been a complete train wreck - so to me the passion makes sense and is what the times call for. I understand that not everyone agrees.

- Video Via Down With Absolutes

I'll take passion, anger and even arrogance any day over Castle's bland smarmy facade concealing his vicious voting record.

Personal demeanor is overrated as a way to choose a candidate. It's the votes that matter.

Even if I don't want to have a beer with Spivack, seeing him vote against the GOP agenda would be very warm and fuzzy for me. I'll mail him his beer.
It's time to put an end to this rule of fear, class warfare, and destruction of our Constitution. The only way to do that is to send a Democrat to Washington. A Democrat who will NOT be a rubberstamp for Bush's megalomania. A Democrat who will address the REAL issues of Iraq, energy dependence, the disappearing middle class, loss of American jobs, and all the other wonderful things that have been brought to you by BushCo. Vote for Spivack in November, it's our only hope.
Anonymous #2,

It's generic "go-get-'em" words like yours that make the likelihood of change even, ummmm, less likely. "It's our only hope?!?!" "It's time to put an end..." C'mon...get a freakin' clue. Your histrionics are annoying. Sounds like you're a plant for the Spivack campaign, which would explain the "anonymous" moniker.

I feel in my bones that anon #2 is right. I know it sounds histronic and over the top, but you don't have to be a Spivack campaign worker to feel that Bush/Castle has brough the country to the brink of cataclysm.

Nagle and Berg might be decent folks and Spivack might not be your ideal pick - but in practical terms - voting for Spivack is the only real choice.
KHN is a DEM....lets send her to DC.

Yes, I know this is a longshot but so is Spivack and she is just as aggressive but knows how to listen.

I saw Dennis speak to a DEM gathering and he ignored several signals from the chair to sit down and shut up. A subtle finger across the lips first, then rising from the chair, walking to the back of the room to stand there, taking a position behind his right elbow. Dennis kept up the yap right up until he was pulled down into his seat.

It sounds like he exhibited the same tactics last night. Some people see this stubborn arrogance as beneficial and others see a disaster in the making.
If Spivak is our only hope, then everybody should cash in their retirement accounts, quit their jobs and enjoy the next few weeks, because we're doomed.
Can someone please tie his hands behind his back? I always feel like he's pointing a fatherly finger at me for taking an extra cookie from the plate. At least he has the courage to get out and try for the seat. With Nagle and Berg in the race though, I don't see much of a chance. I still say the two of them are Castle plants just to ensure an easy walk back to Washington.
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