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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Fact Checking Al Mascitti

I was just on the radio with Al who holds to the myth that Castle is a moderate. Here is the database I mentioned which puts Castle's votes into context.

Washington Post

Click on this database and you will find that in the “narrow margin” votes, where having a “moderate” Congressman break with the radical right-wing of his party would have made a difference, Michael Castle voted WITH the radical right-wing 4 out of 5 times this year. So, when the chips were down, Castle was a faithful rubber stamp for the Bush agenda. He knows who he works for.

In votes with larger margins, when the outcome is not in doubt, Castle does tend to throw an occasional crumb to the moderates. Naturally those meaningless votes against the Bush regime make gullible Democrats happy and drive the Delaware wingnuts berserk. Some of those wingnuts go so far as to call Castle a RINO (Republican in name only) thereby feeding the myth that he is moderate. However, the record actually shows that he is a category unto himself, a MINO. Moderate in name only.

So, he breaks with his party 20% of the time on CRUCIAL votes, and that makes him loyal?

You're proving the opposite of what you want to.
Club For Growth doesn't even list Castle as a RINO, because Castle votes with the GOP on all tax, budget, or pro-corporate deals. Minor stuff like ANWR is just the exception that proves the rule (oh, we'll be drilling there one day soon, regardless of Castle).

And on civil liberties, Castle's votes clearly place him on the side of the authoritarian Big Brother crowd.
He's part of the "capture and release" crowd of Goopers. If they positively need his vote they get it. If it's something they can pass without him they release him so he can look moderate to the voters. It's a cynical strategy that takes no values or ethics, but it works.
If it's something they can pass without him they release him so he can look moderate to the voters.

Jason is specifically talking about the votes where they need his vote, and he says no 2 out of 10 times. That makes him a moderate. If he did it 8 out of 10 times, it would make him Lincoln Chafee.
Castle is a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. THAT is what makes him "moderate".
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