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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Delaware GOP: Faithful to Bush

Did you get this email from the Delaware GOP?

To our Republican Friends:

Delaware has always given the Bush family a warm welcome!. And the Bush family has had a wonderful relationship with Delaware Republicans....

The fact is George Bush is nearly universally reviled and loathed for his terrible management of the country and only three in ten Delawarean's think he is doing a good job, the leaders of the Delaware GOP still can't get enough of the Bush regime.

We are at a point in history where faith in George Bush is no longer justified on any level. And yet, the Delaware GOP has given itself over to Bush worship. How is this worship any different from the woman in this video who says that she wants to teach children "lay down their they do in Pakistan and Palestine".

Both are counterfeit faiths that mock God they are only different by a matter of a few degrees. In both cases the issue is faith triumphing over decency and humility. As someone who considers himself a person of faith, I understand where this sentiment is coming from. But I have to believe that faith in George Bush is not what the Bible calls for.

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Strine said the primary losses were a "big surprise" that officials were digesting Wednesday as they geared up for the general election. "We are trying to figure it out. If I knew what we were doing wrong or too much of or not enough of, we would clearly correct it," he said.

Obviously Strine thinks the Delaware GOP's problem is that they aren't linked tightly enough with the Bush administration and the national Republican agenda.
Strine and other GOP true belivers have to take a look at that clip and honestly ask themselves if that is what they want for the future of this country.
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