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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


The Cohen Effect

I just got an email from someone telling me that I should take it easy on Celia. That she is "good people" and I'd like her if I ever got to know her.

Maybe she is good people, and having met her I don't doubt that she is a nice person. However, as far as taking it easy on her, I reply: Bullshit on that.

Having just finished my weekly radio gig with Dace and Dave on a Celia Cohen bashing note, I have more clarity around the issue of what is wrong with Celia than ever.

The end of the hour turned to the low turnout and how to fix it. Some suggestions were offered regarding finding good candidates and the usual blah blah blah and it came around to me. I said,

"People also have to breakthrough the News Journal's editorial position that their votes don't count....that the winner of the race is a forgone conclusion so they might as well stay home. Celia Cohen is also a big proponent of that position and it is wrong. She wants people to stay home."

I think Dace was a little taken aback by how stirred up I was about it. Anyway, there it is. Celia Cohen is bad for America. Her lazy lapdog reporting and cheerleading for the status quo and sneering contempt for any and all challengers is hurting our way of life. I will never stop calling her out on it.

Of course, if she ever decides to actually look at Michael Castle's voting records (or Carper's for that matter) and ask legitimate questions about why he continues to support President Bush I might reconsider. I'm not holding my breath though. Dana suggested at one point that she actually works for Castle. I don't know about that. I think it may be that she just finds the world a much happier and predictable place if she can simply close her eyes and repeat "usual 70%...usual 70%....usual 70%" ad nauseum like some kind of mantra.

Celia writes well researched and thoughtful pieces that appeal to people's intellect instead of their emotions.

Her reserach extends all the way back to her last article in which she reported that Castle got his usual 70%.
Every time you bash Celia your criticisms get more vicious and more accurate. It is hard to imagine coverage of Delaware politics that could be more scrupulously irrelevant than the Crapvine.

This just in : CC predicts election will be held on election day and incumbents will get elected! Read all about it in the "Delaware Way" - The guidebook to Delaware politics preferred by 9 out of 10 of Celia's 'sources'.
Thanks for the vote of confidence. Scrupulously irrelevant is a very apt description.

If her driving was like her "reporting" she would never look through the windshield - but would focus 100% of her attention on the rearview mirror.
who is she paid by?
how dare she make predictions!
who does she think she is?
only leftwing kook bloggers are allowed to make predictions!
Cohen calls Korn a sure lose....I wonder how much Roger paid her for that one!!!!!!!!!

Does she take the higest bids?
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