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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Celia Cohen gets a big case of amnesia

The Queen of all Delaware on September 4:

Moore was hand-picked by retiring Rep. Roger P. Roy, a 30-year-Republican, and has been planning on running for years. Outlook: Safe Republican

The Queen of all Delaware today:

A Republican endorsement failed to carry Brian N. Moore, who lost to Nick Manolakos in a Hockessin legislative district. Manolakos has the benefit of a Republican edge in registration against Democrat Richard J. Korn in the election for a seat held for 30 years by state Rep. Roger P. Roy, a Republican who is retiring.

The Queen of all Delaware on September 4:

Peterman is a Kent County Levy Court commissioner, but the Democrats really like their candidate in the race to succeed G. Wallace Caulk Jr. Outlook: Likely Republican

The Queen of all Delaware today:

Harold J. “Jack” Peterman, another endorsed Republican, also lost in a Republican legislative primary, despite being a sitting Kent County Levy Court commissioner. The nomination went to Ulysses S. Grant for the election to replace retiring state Rep. G. Wallace Caulk Jr.

What a joke. She wrote "Only in Delaware" four years ago and IT SHOWS!!

Does anyone, other than me, even read her hackneyed-conventional-wisdom masquerading as journalism?

Jason, don't you mean the Queen BLOGGER of Delaware? Heh heh heh.

you kill me.
you are the reason I don't bother following local politics on my site....good work keeping people honest. A tough job when it comes to local politics with so little coverage and real reporting on the finer workings of its candidates and incumbents.
WDEL was giving a lot of credit to the blog reporting effecting the primary....surely the DEWatch Moore . etc....

Feroce was beat by Allsopp until those dreaded absentee ballots were counted...we all know how they do them in Smyrna now....Good for Barb to insist on a closer look since there was only a 30 vote difference.
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