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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Carper's Shame

I'd really like to hear Ting (or Protack or O'Donnell for that matter) challenge Carper on this heinous vote:

Back in 2005, when the credit card industry lobbyists were corralling republican and Democratic lawmakers to vote for the corporate-written Bankruptcy Bill, Sen. Dick Durbin offered an amendment to preserve existing protections for troops serving in Iraq.

National guardsmen, for instance, sometimes are forced to take a pay cut from their regular jobs when they are called into service and deployed overseas. Lord knows our soldiers serving in Iraq have enough to worry about - and gutting their bankruptcy protections while they were deployed was something Durbin thought was unacceptable. So did U.S. military experts. As retired Navy captain Chalker W. Brown told the New York Times months before the vote: "The last thing you want is a young sailor programming a Tomahawk missile in the Persian Gulf who is worrying about whether his car is being repossessed back home." Unfortunately, only 38 of Durbin's Senate colleagues agreed with him, and his amendment was defeated.

Voting for the Bankruptcy Bill was bad enough - but voting to help defeat this amendment was just pointless and stupid. Biden and Carper both voted to stick it to the troops. If we had a functioning two party system in Delaware, Carper would have to answer for this betrayal in his election cycle - either by being primaried of facing a legitimate challenger.

Carper is, perhaps, the biggest wolf in sheep's clothing this state has ever produced. My problem with him is that his stint as governor meant he got a bit too comfy-cozy with the credit card companies. Who's he really representing in this state. We all know corporations are the ones politicians really represent in Washington. He's an annoying little troll.
I think that is absolutely the right question: Who is he representing? Not me, that's for sure.
Carper is wrong on so many issues that I can't bring myself to vote for him in November. I won't go over to the dark side and vote for Ting, but I won't vote for Carper either. In politics they count what they call "drop-off" votes and people who strategize for elections pay a lot of attention to "drop-off" votes. Usually drop-off votes happen down-ticket, people go to vote for the top of the ticket but don't vote for candidates lower on the slate. We might like to send Carper a message this year by not voting for the top of the ticket. Believe me, the party will notice this. Of course, Carper has more money than God in his campaign fund so the party has very little influence where he's concerned. However, a little kerfuffle now might help pave the way for somebody to seriously consider giving Tom a primary the next time around. These things take a lot of time and planning and it's not too soon to start.
Ah hell, write in Jason-Robot-Scott. If you want a real hoot, do like the movie "Brewster's Millions" and write in "None of the Above." If you do this, be very, very careful and write it in exactly the same. They will consider any spelling variations to be different votes.

Oh, just do what you really want to do, write in MOT Newbie. You know you want to.
yeah, this was unspeakably beneath contempt, Carper, WTF? Whose brownie points are you wearing and where are those brown spots coming from??
Whi has your ticket?
oh there's a wonderful idea "don't vote for the top of the ticket" Because I guess Dennis, Beau or Jack deserve your votes either... No, no, that would make what? Too much sense?

Grow up.
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