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Thursday, September 07, 2006



LONDON, Sept. 7 — Prime Minister Tony Blair will announce today that he will step down within the next 12 months, a spokesman said today, a move that appeared to be a concession to a growing revolt within his own party.

The announcement comes a day after an extraordinary procession of eight junior aides resigned to protest Mr. Blair’s refusal to set a date to leave office soon.

Bush just lost another lap dog.

Al Mascitti gave him two months. I heard Blair today and he was all about how he would chose when he would leave but he sounded as thought he is being hurried.

Ever watch of the greatest things is seeing where one voice one vote came from, Magna Carta and all, what an intense and wonderful array of personalities.

You do not get the feeling, with the reps of differernt countries after all, that they are aligning in any unholy unity that we have with the DC GOPerheads. DC DEMs just plain are cut from different cloth and so don't bow allegience as readily....for good or ill.
I like when they all go "Murmur! Murmur! Murmur!" when they disagree with the speaker.
What I enjoyed was the BBC ripping into Blair& Co and basically laughing at the attempt to smooth this over as business as usual. Oh, if only our media had the balls to REALLY be the fourth estate!
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