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Friday, September 15, 2006


Black Box (electronic) Voting is FUBAR

I got this email from a reader:

I work in IT, and I don't know ANY IT professionals who are in favor of electronic voting. All the electronic systems out there are just wrong and insecure in so many ways. Give me a #2 pencil and a paper ballot.

Read this blog entry from a poll worker in Maryland:

The least pleasant part of the day was a nagging concern that something would go terribly wrong, and that we would have no way to recover. I believe that fully electronic systems, such as the precinct we had today, are too fragile. The smallest thing can lead to a disaster. ...When our poll books crashed, and the lines grew, I had a sense of dread that we might end up finishing the day without a completed election. As an election judge I put aside my personal beliefs that these machines are easy to rig in an undetectable way, and become more worried that the election process would completely fail.

Clearly republicans (so far) have been the beneficiaries of shady voting, but decent, reliable elections should be a non-partisan issue. We need to get over the idea of having instant results in favor of having accurate results.


hooorayyyyyy Beer!
The problem is with the Diebold machines.
I heard Calio decribe the DE machines and it sounded fairly solid.

Since we Delawareans have not gone with Bush for the last two and Delaware has a bellweather rep. for picking the president, I'd say we are safe (in other words we did pick the president in the last two and it was not Bush.

Our machines seem to be spot on.
I donlt think it is enough that Delaware's votes are okay. I think we should push for Ohio and Florida to have accurate voting as well.
I am an IT professional. I am in favor of electronic voting, but with some caveats.

There should be a paper trail. The software should be open source (or at least escrowed) and there should be some sort of fallback, in case of problems.
I DEFINATELY THINK we need to go after the crooks in FL and OH....these shaky machines and the conflict in GOPer campaign head - state election official in both states are equally troubling.
I agree that clean elections are a non-partisan issue, but I never hear jokes about dead republicans voting... just sayin.

I do worry about the impact of an extended blackout or lightning strike on a polling place.
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