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Friday, September 01, 2006


Around the Horn Friday: The DELAWARE BLOGOPHERE MOVIE Edition

JL Miller at the NJ is doing a "Delaware Bloggers" story. I don't know when when it is coming out - but when it does I expect it will be turned into a best selling paperback and the movie rights will go for millions if not billions.

So we need to start thinking about who we want to play us in the Delawareblogopshere movie. I'll get the ball rolling, but please let me know where I mess up and who I left out.

ME: The affable team player and perennial sidekick played by Oliver Platt

Dana: the leftists poet/perfectionist who just wants the Democrats to be better - played by: Tony Shalhoub
Celia Cohen: The "hanger-on" - played by Linda Hunt.
Dave Burris: The guy you hate to like played by - the other black guy in "Fresh Prince of Bell Air" Will Smith's upper-class cousin...Alfonso Ribeiro.
Politakid: The midget - played by Herve Villachez
Karmic Jay the philosophical nija - played by Abhishek Bachchan.
Nancy Willing the disappointed teacher who knows you could be doing so much better if you only applied yourself - played by Bonnie Hunt.
Hube: the surly libertarian - played by Ted Nugent.
Donviti:the pissed-off-Caveman-from-the-Gieco-commercial-type - played by the pissed off Caveman from the Gieco commercial.

Tommywonk: the dad-type with a bad-ass streak - played by Robert De Niro.
Kilroy:the dad-type without the bad-ass streak - played by Dustin Hoffman.
Mike M:the scene stealing hipster played by Vince Vaughn.
This movie will give a new meaning to the phrase "opening week gross". Enjoy your celebrity status this weekend and Peace Out!

Kilroy: Gene Hackman (in a comedic role)

Mike M.: Jack Black

Nancy Willing: Julia Louis-Dreyfus (in stream-of-consciousness mode)

Jason: John Ritter

PolitaKid: Nemo (from "Finding Nemo")

Dana: John Malkovich
John Ritter is dead so maybe a better choice for playing me.

I like the rest.

How about Anon commenters played by the old guys in the balcony from the muppet show?
Jason - Jeremy Piven

Dana - Moby

Politakid - Neil Patrick Harris

Mike M. - Michael Richards

Tommywonk - Ben Stein (talk about your ideological crossovers)

Paul Smith, Jr - James Caviezel

Me - Peter Mayhew
I'd like to be played by the guy who played the Star Trek crewman who always gets killed before the first commercial break when Kirk and company go down to some godforsaken planet somewhere.
the Star Trek crewman who always gets killed

The red shirt guy.
I don't mind Nugent. Good call, Jase.

Hey -- what about Ryan S.?
Ryan S played by Dustin Diamond
John Ritter is dead so maybe a better choice for playing me.

Hey, we are Democrats - death is no obstacle to political participation.
Mahaffe -

I meant to add you back into the "around the horn". My bad.

Good call on who to cast for you though. I'll publish the complete and revised list after all the comments are in.
Dana should be played by this guy.

Thanks for remembering me in the comments, Jason, but way to drop me from 'around the horn.'

I think I should be played by either Vince Vaughn or Conan O'Brien.
FSP, Dana played by Moby? I was thinking more of Jason, since he's such a sampler. Or perhaps Mel Gibson could do Jason in a reprise of his Conspiracy Theory role.
Ry -

You were phoning it in dude. Are you back at it?

I like Mel Gibson for me - but with the Braveheart war paint and kilt.

G - you can be played by the desktop telephone speaker in Charlie's Angels or the talking "mother" tree in Disney's Pocahantas - your choice.
Hey are we in this movie?

Who plays us?
I'm back, but real life keeps me from more blogging. Once classes settle down, I'll be back at full steam.
Who would you like to play you lefty - Rob Lowe reprising his Sam Seaborn charachter, or the guy who played Will Bailey...?

It is your call.
Robert De Niro?

Ben Stein?
Who do you see playing you Tom? On second thought,I'm thinking Ben Cross in his Chariots of Fire role.
"G - you can be played by the desktop telephone speaker in Charlie's Angels..."

You mean Charlie? (Voice by John Forsythe of Dynasty fame, BTW) Fair enough, an anonymous voice of reason and good breeding.
Gee, voice of reason, voice of good breeding, you never disappoint!
Hubie Nugent gave his bass and amp away
Dave FSP as the Will Smith Philly foil, brilliant
Tommywonk, huummmm, Alan Alda (in the mash years)
Jason - Oliver Stone
Jason - Robot (from Lost in Space) "Danger, Danger, Dennis Spivak, Danger! Karen Hartley-Nagle coming! Danger, Dennis Spivak! Mike Castle! Danger! Danger!"
Jim Caviezel's WAY better looking than I am.

Think Drew Carey for me.

Unfortunately for me.
Jason as the lost in space robot is pretty funny!!
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