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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Who should the Dems run for Governor?

Dave has this poll up.

Of all the Republicans mentioned for Governor in 2008, who is your favorite?
Charlie Copeland
Wayne Smith
John Still
Alan Levin
Debbie Hudson
Bill Lee


Anyway. I'm going to do a Democratic version and everybody know that this is Markell vs. Carney - but want to include your dream candidates. (Not to say that both Jack and John are not dream candidates, esp. when matched against the motley gang assembled above.)

Put your pick in the comments section and I'll put the poll up in a day or two.

And oh yeah. Freep the First State Politics poll.

Markell is my top choice!
Markell in '08!
Go Jack!
There is one choice for governor in 2008, Jack Markell!
how about:

Chriss Coons
Karen Petterson
the other biden kid
Mayor Baker
Mike Matthews
someday all you markell lovers will find out what phony he is. not saying carney is the right choice but markell sure as heck ain't.
wow, Markell reads this blog!!!

Karen Peterson
Greg Lavelle
Al Mascitti (punishment for his wickedness)
Ted Blunt
Karen Venezkey
Thurmond Adams
Jim Vaughn
Mark Schaeffer - I know he's an R, but please take him away.

Anyhow, enough sarcasm....

J - I know you don't go back and read comments on your older postings - who would have that much time - I followed up with you on your "Liquids on a Plane" thread. Enjoy.
Read this:

It will make you sick at how much Carper is supporting Leiberman - and how Leiberman is undermining the Dem's chances of taking back the Senate. Carper must like being in the minority.

Call Carper's office, and (nicely) ask that Carper endorse Lamont. Even if he doesn't stop, he needs to know that real Dems are watching.
(DE) (302)573-6291
I just called and it did feel good to tell our DEM to suppport his own party.
From The Hill via Daily Kos:

Carper's chief of staff, Jonathan Jones, has contacted Democratic aides recently and urged them that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee should not spend money in the race between Lieberman and Lamont, said two Democratic aides familiar with the conversations. Jones said the money would be better spent elsewhere since the seat will remain in Democratic hands, said the sources.

"the seat will remain in Democratic hands????""

Carper is seriously f-ed up on Lieberman. Call now.
yes, that is as disgusting as the DE GOPers endorsing Feroce in an unusual delegate vote for a nominee BEFORE the people have a chance to primary and make their choice democratically.

Some things are best left to the electorate, no?
Holy crap! Something Nancy and I agree on. I need a shower. Sooo dirty.
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