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Wednesday, August 02, 2006


What Will Joe Biden Do When Lieberman Loses?

Dace asked me again about the Republican's favorite Democrat, Joe Lieberman. It is looking like Lamont can do the impossible and beat an incumbent Senator in a primary. If that happens the question, "What will Biden do?" becomes very important.

It is an important question becuase if Leiberman loses and runs on the "Lieberman Party" ticket he will hurt the Democrats, even more than he has hurt them so far. This Kos post sums it up.

IF Lieberman loses, and IF he stays in the race as an independent, he will continue to harm the Democratic Party up through November.

Senate and House Democrats want nothing more desperate than to focus everyone's attention on Republicans and their embattled incumbents and open seats. Lieberman stays in, and I can confidently predict that a HUGE amount of netroots (and thus media) attention will remain on Connecticut's Senate battle and not elsewhere where it could be greatly needed. The Senate and House party committees tolerate Lieberman's independent bid at their own peril.

If Lieberman bolts the Democratic Party and becomes and independent, Harry Reid will be under intense pressure to immediately strip Lieberman of his committee assignments. Those are reserved for Democrats and loyal allies (e.g. Jeffords or Sanders). Let the Republicans give their committee seats to their favorite Democrat. That's the last thing Reid needs right now, but it'll happen if Lieberman stays in the race.

Money spent on this race today is not detracting from picking up seats in the Fall. But that will obviously change if Lieberman stays in the race.

Lieberman will make Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden, and Bill Clinton look extra stupid if their defenses of him, as a Democrat, are repaid with a big "f*ck you" and a flip of the bird.

So, what will Biden do?

Best Case Scenario: A quick and hearty endorsment of the DEMOCRAT Ned Lamont - as promised.

Worst Case Scenario: A flip/flop and a hearty endorsment of his friend Joe Lieberman.

If the worse case scenerio comes to pass Delaware Democrats should force Joe Biden to pay a very high price.

Dude, what's a "scenerio"?
My lousy typing is only matched by my lousy spelling.
On the positive side, the big-name Dems who supported Lieberman during the primary now are in the best position to ask him to drop the independent run. Maybe an intervention is in order.
It's totally inconceivable that ANY incumbent would follow that particular line of "logic." They serve only to self-perpetuate themselves and their cronies, irregardless of party affiliation!
Just messin' w/you, Jase. ;-)
Jason, hi this is Joel, one of your previous students. I must say, I first heard you on Dave Blaskovitz, Money and Politics. I heard you guys discussing Israel and Lebanon with a U of D professor...very interesting. I was hoping one of you guys would draw a parallel with that and the situation between Turkey and the Iraqi guerillas that killed two of their soldiers on the Northern border. Also very good today as well. What the heck did Dennis mean for his last word?? Economic indicators show good signs!?! The DOW never used to swing that many points a day.... Heard you on WDEL 1150 too..not sure if it was Rick and Jer but you sure seem to be making some positive waves. I'll continue to check out your blogs. Keep up the diligent work. Its good to have a voice with clarity for the next generation of politics.

Thanks for the kind words. I hope you got something out of the class and I hope I kept my politcal views (for the most part) out of the classroom.

Drop me an email.
Honestly I thought you were a staunch conservative. Go figure. :P
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