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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


What Michael Newbold Castle does not want you to know about his C&D canal project

Isn't Castle great? Amazing how he pulled the $1.7 in federal money out of his ass for that canal project... right?

He is a real hero...right?

That is what the NJ wants you to believe with its sickeningly sweet ode to Castle in today's paper. However, what is the real story behind that magical $1.7 million?

Well, you "small government Republicans" should know that it is from the $139.6 billion-earmarked-to-death-monstrosity called House Transportation Act. You remeber this budget buster included the famous "bridge to nowhere". That bridge, like this canal project, is Castle's baby. It is the ugly baby nobody wants to talk about.

The other thing you should know about the sudden appearence of this $1.7 million as Castle tries to get his footing in this race against Dennis Spivack is that this is selective vote buying.

You see there are some potential R voters and the old school Democratic ticket splitters living around the canal these days. But when other (less Republican, lets say) voters in Glenview and other parts of New Castle County were flooded out they asked Castle's staff for help getting federal emergency funds into the area. What did they get? Where was Castle's magical ass fund then?

You know the rest. In spite of many meeting with Castle's people and promises to help, they got nothing. The money could have been used to help people who needed it but Castle did not give a damn. There were some soccer moms in the 8th and 9th to think about. Some hero.

What happened to Pay as you Go Mr. Castle?
be it that you vent unremittingly about the GOP rep who has to go... and be it that his interest and advocacy of this resource is likely tied to votes, as the canal gets refurbished for a higher level of recreation, it will be a great thing for northern DE.
IF he really wanted to clean up the area it would be a lot cheaper and easier to close down a seasonal crack house known as "frightland".
The posters on the NJ website don't even want the thing.
I've seen and heard mixed reviews about the Canal area. Mixed reviews HARDLY shows us a populace revolting against it, or all commenters in the WNJ criticizing it. By the way, those commenters are mixed as well, so...get it straight. I for one am FOR it. Get that? ONE voice? I don't represent all people as you don't, either. Going further, if it were Carper, I would support it. On that vein, I happen to support Carper's desire to get FEDERAL parkland in DE as well. The canal banks in many (not all) areas has been wasted space. Obviously, much of it are wetlands and should remain such, others have been rugged trails for offroaders that are pretty much devoid of any wetland infrastructure, other than it may get wet. Unfortunately, there really isn't anything he can do to please you, Spivak-robot. Nothing.

As far as your selfish Frightland comment, dude, get over yourself already. Considering the turnout they get every year and the fact a crap load of that money is forked over to charity, there are enough people that LIKE to keep it around. I've never attended, don't care to, but so many others do. Sorry, robot, not everything in this world is about you. I hope you were sitting down when you read that. I'm sure the shock made you dizzy. I'm sure you're already spinning this into a Castle-problem, Spivak victory.

"Castle's canal project...danger! danger! Dennis Spivak! Danger! Canal Project! Danger! Frightland! Danger!"
- Spivak "Jason" Robot to his programmer/father, Dennis Spivak

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