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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


What a Lamont win tonight would proves

1) Democracy works.

2) Voters will hold elected officials accountable for their votes.

3) Voters are not pleased with this President, or the Congress that has failed to provide the oversight function established in the Constitution.

UPDATE: 11:18 Lieberman concedes. He has no chance as an "I"

I can't wait for Joe Biden's statement.


Are you behing this???

Of course, I kid...or do I? Hmmm...

Did you hear the follow up to that. Lieberman was paying $15.00 oer month for web hosting.

The guy is nuts.
Wow. Did that come with choices of font?
Congrats on your win for this year.

Will Joe L's website be available now?
Congrats on your win for this year.

lol again.

The first of many. People are sick of Bush. You guys are in a pickle.
I get what you're saying about why it is likely Joe L lost tonight, but I don't think there should be any dancing in the aisles up there about the general election. This primary was quite devisive. I think it is going to take a lot of convincing to get Joe L to NOT run as an Independent. Plus, with that hacking of his site from a DE IP address in the MOT area (OK, unsubstantiated), he's a little pissed and will do it for spite. Enough comic relief. I absolutely see him going Independent now. What can he possibly lose? His credibility? His support? That's already happened. He will either win as an 'I' or the seat will go...dare I say it on your board? Then again, I can't see Schlesinger-Gold garnering tons of support, so I go back to Joe L and him taking R votes as well as the majority of the 48% that voted for him tonight.

If the GOP has someone better than "No Gambling Debt" Schlesinger-Gold, the vote would likely be more diluted. It will be interesting to watch. I think what you want is GOPers to embrace Schlesinger-Gold for your best shot, assuming Joe L. goes forward with his 'I' plans.

You all have some fence mending to do up there. 52% in a primary that was devisive really isn't all that much to cheer about until the mending is complete.

What I liked most about tonight was down in GA. Need I say more?
I think what you want is GOPers to embrace Schlesinger-Gold for your best shot, assuming Joe L. goes forward with his 'I' plans.

He will not keep all of his 48% as he moves forward as an "i" and he will not pick up as many Rs as he thinks he is going to.

Once the Rs get the idea that they have a shot at the seat the current guy will suddenly want to spend more time with his family and the Ct. GOP will put in a top tier candidate.

The Rs will say "Joe who?" and when the GOP money gets scarce, I'd be surprised if Lieberman makes it all the way to November.
I'm not trying to pretend to be an expert on CT politics, but from what I have been reading, Schlesinger-Gold is not someone they are exactly proud of. In hindsight, they truly wish they took this more seriously this time around, but when it mattered, Lamont wasn't as strong of a contender, so Schlesinger-Gold was more of a patsy-at-least-the-ballot-isn't-empty candidate. Now he is an oh-shit-what-did-we-do candidate.

I'm not saying who is going to win in November because I don't study CT. What I am saying is I don't see the clear sailing that I think you do.
I don't know jack about Ct either, but I am very optimistic about Lamont. Joe L will see the unions go over the Lamont as well as his buddies like Joe Biden. Then he'll consitently lose D's as they start to think of him as a spoiler. I don't think the R's can draft him if Schlesinger-Gold drops.

I'll buy you a beer if he makes it to November.
I think Lamont will win, will do my bit and visit my former home state to campaign for Lamont this fall.
Hard to predict how many of the 48% will follow Joe. Don't think it will be a big number, primary voters are usually straight ticket voters in the general (like jason).
jason said...
I don't know jack, but I am very optimistic
you mentioned me on Al's show. I'm honored.

Is it going to hurt to vote for Carper now?

Is that web site available yet or is it down through November now? He wants his $15 to go to something!!!
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