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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


What is wrong with this announcement?

Monday, Sept. 18
Jefferson-Jackson Dinner, hosted by the Delaware Democratic Party, with U.S. Sen. Kenneth L. Salazar of Colorado as keynote speaker. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with dinner and program at 7 p.m. For tickets at $45, call Democratic headquarters at 328-9036

If you said that Ken Salazar is a DLC-ist scum sucking corporate toady who has pledged to support Joe Lieberman, you'd be correct.

Why the hell is a DLC Democrat the keynote speaker? The DLC is the thoroughly discredited organization that Russ Fiengold recently called out for the abject stupidity of it's strategy of hoping to win by being "a little different than Republicans".

"They (the DLC) are the ones that coalesced with the big corporations to pass unfair trade agreements that hurt America," Feingold said. "It was the DLC that came up with the health care plan with the Clintons that was so complicated nobody could understand it. It's the DLC that has cut off our ability to say things like, `Let's get out of Iraq because it's a bad idea.'"

Feingold said DLC consultants "instill fear in Democrats" by saying opposition to the war would be taken as not supporting the troops. "What I want is us to get the right answer whether it's liberal, conservative or middle of the road," Feingold said.

Luckily, in Delaware Democrats are beginning to realize that the DLC is full of shit.

The once the most approved of politician in Delaware, Tom Carper, is getting waxed for his DLC affiliation and Lieberman flirtations

His approval rating (according to SurveyUSA) has dropped below 62% for the first time EVER!!!

Of course, 59% is still popular, but a 3 percentage point drop this close to an election is not a happy event. if he drops 3% a month over the next three months Ting could have a shot.

The bottom line: Mr. Carper must now know that Democrats are paying attention to his Republican-loving ways.

Although Carper's spokesman, Bill Ghent, has indicated that Carper may support Lieberman - Carper as yet to speak directly on the subject. This poll and the number of Democrats who have taken the time to call his office make me optimistic that Carper is going to do the right thing and stay loyal to the Democratic party and the Delaware Democrats that have elected him, by offering his endorsement to Ned Lamont.

If he does that maybe we can consider that his first step on the road to rehabilitation. As for Salazar - I might decide to go take a smoke while he tells us how to lose in November by being more like Republicans....and I don't smoke.

I have multiple calls in to Carper's Bill Ghent and will report what I find out about the Senators current thinking with regard to the Ct. race.

The final straw! We've been putting up with this crap from Carper for years. It's too late to primary him this year but there's always the next time.

that'll teach him.
I love it when you guys get all excited. Your like playful puppies.
Yes! Yes! Fight with each other! Anything I can do to help, just let me know.
Hi Jason - wanted to give you a heads up that over the next few days we'll be blogging LIVE from the Tour de Delaware (Jack's cycling the whole state!)

Check out Jack Markell's Blog for Delaware and let us know what you think!
dana -

I'm going to be at the Clayton stop on Tuesday. Hope to see you.
Anything news from Ghent?
As a matter of fact, yes.

I'm going to blog on it this afternoon.
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