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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


"We may suck, but I'm telling you, they'll suck more"

I'm listening to Sean Hannity and it is cracking me up. He is essentially saying what Sporlitics found Ken Mehlman saying:

"We may suck, but I'm telling you, they'll suck more"

I know from experience that Dave at First State Politics is of this school of thought too.


You are putting words in Dave's mouth, and "quoting" Ken Mehlman by paraphrasing (to your benefit) a far-lefty who paraphrased Mehlman (to his benefit).

But remember, it's the Republicans who have the "War on Reality".
If you want to quote me accurately, what I actually said was "I love me some me."
rickj -

If that is not the RNC's current battle cry - what is it?
'far lefty'?

you obviously have not visited us before...

either way our friends on the right are engaging in what they have accused the D's of for years: no real plans, just rhetoric and vote-against-them-not-for-us-because-we-stand-for-nothing.

smoke and mirrors...smoke and mirrors...
It's been said elsewhere and I have to agree; Democrats could win if they'd just shut up for 5 minutes. The Republicans are doing such a poor job they're their own worst enemy. If the Democrats ever had a plan for victory in Iraq, the GOP would be toast.
This close to football season, and nobody gets a TO joke?
Dude, you're a Browns fan. The only football joke you should be talking about is...the Cleveland Browns! HA!
Don't start with me, newbie.
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