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Thursday, August 17, 2006


This is good blogging about a bad situation.

Delaware Democrat Chair John Daniello Should Meet Richard Korn

Yesterday morning WILM’s John Watson had the Delaware Democrat Chairperson John Daniello and the Republican Chairperson Terry Strine on his talk show. They were on the air for at least 1.5 hours. The overwhelming majority of the time they agreed with each other. In fact, their agreement was so pervasive that either one of them could have easily spoken authoritatively for the other. Both of them speaking created a redundancy.

Dana's post points out a big lingering problem with Democrats. When given the chance to rout Republicans and drive them off the field they don't take it. As it stands, Richard Korn will beat Brian Moore, but the election will be decided by 200 votes. We clearly can't coast over the finish line. We need to be on the attack in every race 24/7 from now until the election.

I hope Dana's post means that he is returning to the idea of fixing the Democratic party rather than working for the Republicans by way of the Green Party.

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