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Monday, August 21, 2006


Spivack Blasts Castle on Guard Take Over

Michael Newbold Castle voted to allow President Bush to take over the Delaware National Guard - then changed his mind about it. In today's JL Miller story in the NJ Dennis Spivack calls him out on the flip-flop.

"Governors from both parties adamantly oppose this, and still he sided with the president," Spivack said in a statement issued last week. "Now, after realizing how wrong he was, Mike is frantically backtracking."

Castle pulls the old "Awe shucks folks, I'm just an old doofus who will sign anything they shove on front of me" defense:

"The defense authorization bill is a huge bill which basically is a key bill for the troops, all efforts for the military, and virtually everybody votes for it," Castle said.

Well gosh! I guess this it is okay since "everybody votes for it".

When will Castle see that his style of rubber stamping the President's power grabs IS the problem ? How many wasted lives and how much wasted money is enough for Castle to take a stand. While I'm glad that he woke-up to the fact that his vote for this bill was a mistake, I'm not uplifted by his thinking (or rather his lack of thinking) behind his initial vote.

Note on the photo: That is actual photo the NJ ran with the story. I swear, I did not "photoshop" it or anything. Castle really looks this old, enfeebled and bewildered - which supports the "Awe shucks folks, I'm just an old doofus..." defense he is falling back on a lot lately.

The caption that the NJ ran under the photo in the print edition tells the whole story in eight words "Mike Castle voted to expand the President's powers."

Everybody still on vacation...?
No, it just gets old after a while.
I saw that coming.

Did you hear me on Al's show opening another can of whip ass on Castle?

I was good - if I do say so myself.
I missed the photo caption and was going to look up Castle's vote so thanks for this attention grabbing post (my ADD, my bad).

IS this going to be an election like the Roth-Carper match p where Roth falls down?

Castle wenta against the entire country to stand with his party.

We can not tolerate this. Castle HAS TO GO.

I wish Spivack was more even tempered. He had better shine in debate. Karen is a really smart cookie and well informaed.
I guess you morons who predict Castle will lose also had Dewey. Don't you people get tired of sending love letters to each other?
From what's being said on your pals' (Rick & Jerry) show, and even the defending remarks, it won't surprise me to see Spivak blasting you for missing an ass-kissing session. Ah, just kidding. I see him blasting you for still not providing details on why specifically David Crossan belongs in Iraq.

Crossan is a big gung-ho supporter of George Bush and his war. I think he should have signed up two years ago. That's all.

No mystery.
Let's face it, you can't give detailed, argumentive reasons as to why Crossan specifically deserves to go. The reason you give is a mere correlation that lacks substantive arguments. You're just a little robot programmed to cheerlead. "Dennis, Dennis, he's my man, if he can't do it, he'll rip your head off, you undeserving loser!" Work on the rhyming program, OK?
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