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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



1) Listen to WILM 1450 today at 3:00 to hear me and Dave from First State Poltics talk about ....uhhh...poltics with Dace.

2) Go to the PDD meeting tonight and help take over the Democratic party. (We hear alot from people who talk about the de-Vaughn-ification of the party - but talk is cheap.)

Progressive Democrats For Delaware meet on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 pm. All meetings are held at the Delaware Democratic Headquarters.

19 E. Commons Blvd, 2nd Floor - ADA Accessible
New Castle, DE

Comments: I invited??
Mike, you media ho! I caught you on're getting all kinds of airplay and print coverage now....

I will be tuning in to hear Jason and Dave, as well.
Come. Enjoy. You are a infotainment media celeb now - if we have to risk enduring your withering wit to get the message out, it is well worth it.

One note: I'll be in Dover on family business.
I will be there after going to the hearing at Wilmington City hall about the new "instant ticketing" of property owners for things that they are doing wrong OR as absentee landlords, the things that the tnenets do that the landlords will be held responsible for.

A guy stepped up to the mike at the West End crime meeting the other day and reamed this ordinance as written.

Why, oh why should a landlord be fined for the actions of their tenants? he shouted!!!

Well, the town of Newark has had eons of experience in this debate and they have come to the conclusion that it is best to fine those who are actually commmitting the offenses.....listen up Wilmington....but Newark's ordinances provide for the ability of the landlords to evict such problematic tenants.

Absentee landords should be held to the fire as to building appearance, etc...clearly those types of things that degrade the neighborhood, but if the tenants are contributing to the problems, then making it easier to remove them is the key to getting these quality of life problems under control.
Hey Jason, word is that you and Cel Cohen met at the Dean event and had to be separated.....
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