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Thursday, August 17, 2006


Rebublicans defect. Michael Castle STILL loves Bush.

Check out the sea change currently taking hold in Republican thinking:

If you haven’t seen the video posted on Crooks & Liars yet you simply must watch it, because it says it all. It comes from MSNBC’s "Scarborough Country" and proceeds to lay Bush out flat. The title across the screen is: Is Bush an "Idiot"?

Mind you, Joe Scarborough was once a Republican member of Congress. He questions whether Bush is curious enough to be able to lead this country over the next two years. Lawrence O’Donnell said Bush looks overwhelmed with the job of being president. John Fund tried desperately to stick up for Bush, but even he seemed to only mount a half-hearted defense. O’Donnell thinks Bush’s troubles started with Katrina. I just think it was the tipping point. The real reason everyone is walking away from Bush and the Republican Party is Iraq.

It’s the number one topic on everyone’s mind. It’s impossible to shake; the never ending bad news inalterably fixed in our minds. But there’s something else, sort of a Joe Lieberman lesson waiting for George W. Bush in November. After all these months, even years, no one, absolutely no one has been held accountable for the incompetence, the abject failures and the stubborn "stay the course" mind set that has led to an unmitigated catastrophe: an Iraqi civil war. The other cost is that Iraq has put our military at grave risk. - Firedoglake


Castle has yet to reply to my many requests for clarification on his crazy-ass "we are safer now" pronouncments. I wonder when (if ever) Celia Cohen or Patrick Jackson will think to ask him about his ongoing man crush on Bush?

Maybe Jane can do him up in blackface.
Or maybe draw a subliminal Hitler moustache on him...
Hey now this a new one for me, anony !!

GOPerheads whine non-stop until their hypocracy gets shoved up against their ... moustache?
I have always thought that he was dyslexic ever since his famous line "that woman who said that I was dyslexic; I never interviewed her."

The arguement on his intelligence should'nt focus on his gaffes, it should concentrate on his policies. Attempts at reforming social Security, energy policy, Iraq, Homeland Security, and Medicad show that he is a failure. The reason for this failure can be based on his inability to think critically.

So, what I am trying to convey is that he is a dyslexic and an imbecile!
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