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Monday, August 07, 2006



I let the cat out of the bag on this last week, but it is starting to get some traction now.

Progressive Democrats for Delaware have announced their endorsements for the upcoming Democratic primary in September. In a departure from the party slate, PDD has endorsed challengers Charles Potter from Wilmington City Council against incumbent Sen. Harris McDowell in the 1st Senate race, and Vincent M. White against incumbent Dennis P. Williams for the 1st Representative District.

The group will also be supporting incumbents Diana McWilliams in the 6th Representative District race and Diane Clarke Streett for New Castle County Register of Wills. In the 7th District they have chosen Carl Calantuono to take on Wayne Smith in November. PDD will be backing party endorsee, Democrat Dennis Spivack for U.S. Congress, against the party-switching Karen Hartley-Nagel, who has announced that she plans to run in both the Democratic primary and again in November as an Independent.

“These candidates where chosen for their strong progressive values, and demonstrate the progressive group's commitment to significant change in the Democratic Party." said Jason Scott, spokesman for the group. Candidates were surveyed and later interviewed as part of the endorsement process.

I'll be phoning in to Gerry Fulcher's show this afternoon to talk about this and the PDD. The endorsements show two things:

1) There are Democrats who don'’t think that Legislative Hall should be treated like the "“House of Lords"” where people go to serve out lifetime appointments.

2) Like the Lamont/Lieberman race these endorsements show that the Democratic party is the party of "“Reality, Responsibility and Reform".

Charles Potter? Oh my...the PDD has lost it!
I concur with dwa.....check out his TV show and ask what has he done in his 8 years on Wilmington City Council....not much.
A road for Rosa Parks?
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