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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Progressive Democrats for Delaware Endorsements Out

The Progressive Democrats for Delaware (PDD) have released their list of endorsed candidates for the up coming primary elections:

State Senate 1st District

PDD Endorsement: City Councilman Charles Potter Jr.
Primary Opponents: State Senator Harris McDowell, Thornton Carroll, Lester Hendrix

State Rep., 1st District

PDD Endorsement: Vincent M. White
Primary Opponent: Rep. Dennis P. Williams

State Rep., 7th RD

PDD Endorsement: Carl Colantuono
Primary Opponent: Fred Jeffery Boykin

State Rep., 6th RD

PDD Endorsement: Rep. Diana McWilliams
Primary Opponent: William Dore

Register of Wills

PDD endorsement: Diane Clarke Streett
Primary Opponent: John J. O'Â’Brien

That is two incumbent Democrats whose challengers are endorsed by PDD. To me, that demonstrates a realcommitmentt to taking on the tough work of reforming the Democratic Party.

what yardstick did this group use for evaluating candidates?
Oh no!!! You have Streett listed last! Don't forget what she said about the Peach Festival for similar treatment last year!!!

That is still an unforgivable slander on her part considering her LATE demands vs. their accomodating them.
Carl is the guy, I met him last night and he will be heading for a run against WAYNE SMITH...send your checks to Carl!!!
Street's office is a who cares anyway..

The list was decided by a few hard working PDEMs who interviewed a lot of the candidates and harboured some prejuded opinions about some of the incumbents..who can blame them!

But they fell for Potter's line, hook and sinker...Potter told them he is for term limits, open government and apple pie.....I just know some stuff about the guy that tells me that he pulls the wool and these guys fell for it.
Nice insight about Potter, N!

I agree with the "Who Cares" assessment of Register of Wills. Same goes for Recorder of Deeds. Why, oh why, are they electable offices?!?! The only thing I can ever think of is to avoid cronyism, but that might be the easy, no-thought way out of it. On that note, I have my own list of offices that have no reason being on a ballot and I just mentioned two of them. AG is another. That should be a qualified-only, appointed by Governor and Legislature process only. I have some more, but another day.
I agree with the RoW office being a "who cares" elected position, but it still costs money to run it and you should want someone running that office who actually works full time and is fiscally responsible. Just last night she claimed that she was "personally" responsible for bringing in 2 million dollars of revenue into the office, when in reality, people have to die in order for them to bring in money. She obviously has no control over that!! What a moron! She was also the only person in the forum who outright attacked her opponet! She's a very classy lady and an excellent public speaker and I hope she gets embarassed in the primary, because she deserves it.
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