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Thursday, August 10, 2006


An Open Letter to Tom Noyes

Dear Tom,

You are a bloggers blogger. On your blog Tommywonk you don't go off half cocked and even people who disagree with you respect you. Reading your clear thinking and progressive but pragmatic political views frequently serves as a balm for me in these days of shrill partisanship. Now I am asking for more direct help.

As you know Joe Lieberman has decided to not abide by the results of the Connecticut Democratic primary and is running as an Independent for the seat Senate seat he currently occupies. This is a blow to the Democratic Party, but in keeping with what many regard as Lieberman's self obsessed style.

Even today, Joe Lieberman seized on the terror plot in England to hammer Ned Lamont, saying that his Iraq policies would be a victory for terrorists.

According to the Stamford Advocate, he used this rovian language to attack the Democratic winner of the primary, Ned Lamont:

"If we just pick up like Ned Lamont wants us to do, get out by a date certain, it will be taken as a tremendous victory by the same people who wanted to blow up these planes in this plot hatched in England. It will strengthen them and they will strike again."

This refutation of reality is over the line. But what's worse is the fact that our own Senator Tom Carper has decided to endorse Lieberman in this race. By endorsing Lieberman Carper is endorsing this type of counter-productive and frankly un-American campaigning.

As a person who has shown some insight into the thinking of DLC type Democrats, and even some affection for their attacks on the Democratic party can you please answer these questions:

1) What in the world is Carper thinking?

2) Do you think there is anyway to get Carper to reconsider this asinine, Republican comforting position?


I remain, as ever, your fan,


You acknowledged the comfort of those who don't stick themselves to every single bit of their parties respective platform. However you go on to claim liebermans rational and moderate approachs as destructive. Neither carper nor leiberman 100% agree with what we are doing in Iraq, however being the rational democrats they are they recognize that we cannot leave without setting up a stable infrastructure. Any good democrat would agree that we need to stablize rather then conquer. Since our republican leadership has decided to conquer the least a good democrat could do is try to promote stablizing as much as possible the absoulte mess we were dragged into. Lamont destroyed the democratic party as a dynamic and working mans party now we just look like a bunch of loons.
What can I say? I feel flattered and put on the spot.

I've given your questions some thought and posted my response over at my place.
Every election is a mandate on the incumbent's effectiveness-in Lieberman's case he was found wanting by a majority of Connecticut Dems not only for his total support of the administration on the war issue but his disregard of his own constituents! DLC members seem to quickly forget their self avowed flexibility and pragmatism when things don't go their way! Carper still carries baggage on his Medicare perscription vote so I can't see him defying the party for very long without hurting his own campaign- Watch how quickly he finds a "third way" position when that happens.

What complete and utter bullshit. How much closer are we to setting up an "infrastructure" in Iraq now then we were two years ago?

And I guess you missed the part when Lieberman said that people who did not support the President were disloyal to the country. Your loss.

Maybe you regard having no plan what so ever and just shoving our troops into battle undermaned and under supported as a rational and moderate approach. I don't. I call it the epitome of irrationality.

Give me a break with that bullshit.

Love Bush all you want but leave me out of it.
So...if a GOPer politician acts on behalf of the party, he's/she's a party-serving shill and has no backbone and is a jackass; if any politician acts in his/her own best interest, he/she is no better than a self-serving asshole; if any politician is acting in a way that he/she fully believes is the right and honorable thing to do, regardless of "party group-think," we normally cheer, "Bravo!"


What the hell happened then to Carper's reputation in wanting to stick with Lieberman? It may be disappointing, but it's not cowardly and, I think, takes a hell of a lot more balls than Presidente-wannabe Biden showed in ditching his "friend." Oh wait, the problem is there are no true friends in politics. We learned that this week.

Presidente - good beer when you go to the Dominican. Wait, I don't think I saw any other beer offered there. Good marketing strategy.

Jason, stop are making me stick up for two democrats in the same week! I need a shower, you evil bastard!

Maybe this will cleanse does a billionaire cable-company owner become the darling candidate of the "Democratic" (I'm poking at your hot-spot there) Party? An industry that is often criticized for expensive and somewhat prohibitive rates to the general populace? A billionaire. "Bill-yuns and bill-yuns," said Carl Sagan once. Never thought I could quote the dead in your blog!
This is off topic, but I don't know where to paste it. A friend of mine in Cali just sent it to me. I figured you were the best site for disseminating it (don't worry, I'll give it to Dave - FSP - too). It's almost a month old, so you might know of it, but I don't recall seeing it anywhere yet.

Biden Topic
Crap, I screwed up the link. Stupid tags!!!

try again:
Biden Topic
Gaahh! I can't stop. It's a freaking train wreck. My sis in CT tells me that the word is the GOPers are trending more towards Joe L than they are their own (gambler-boy). This plays into my comments from Tuesday night about taking some of Joe L's 48% (I'm not even going to pretend to know how much to guess) add in Republican support, this just may not be such a shut-door race.

As some of the variables become defined, I'm sure everyones opinion and guess work will evolve.
Prediction: Lieberman will drop out as soon as he gets the right private-sector job offer.
...or a cabinet post in the Bush administration. Education? HUD?
"we can't leave Irzq without setting up a stable infrastructure"
yeah good point if after how many years and billion and billions of dollars there is no progress to speak of?

We have set to building the bigeest embassy the world has ever known and the Green zone is pretty safe and comfy, we see that too. But do we see the populace with any security, safety, assurance that amy of this will happen soon?
And since it is Iraqi against Irai we shall dub it a civil war finally and remove our fightin forces and keep the peacemakers there and certainly continue to help form the democratic progresses already established.

But to blindly follow Bush like Liebermna demnaded of us just this past January??

No thanks his way or the highway not for me.
sorry and I can't even blame my typing on poison ivy like Donviti
First things first I resent bush just as much as all of you. Second off I am just as blue as the next guy I am a die hard dem and very involved in the delaware democratic party. However I just hate when people try to over simplify things, this is the number one reason we hate bush! Yes bush brought us into the battle of iraq, the war is on terror remeber. And it was the worst foreign policy decision in recent history. The problem is the commitment has been made and many of our young are dying for it today. The only way we can make anything productive out of this is try to evoke some sort of structure. It would take me pages to explain the measures that need to be taken, however basically their needs to be sustainable structure put in place. Otherwise our billions of dollars would of went into a blackhole which will continue to self-destruct.

I will be the first to say that no true peace will come into the nation as a whole because Iraq has a fundamental problem that many countries in the region do a lack of nationalism. Anyways all I am saying is the problem is much more complex then us pulling out. Yes it was a horrible and impeachable move in how we entered the war. Now that we are there we have to do something.

Okay. I agree. But this thread is about Lieberman and I don;t see how his going around saying that Dmeocrats are weak on security makes anything better in Iraq.

In fact - it makes things worse since it keeps people like Bush and Cheney in charge.
hahaweak on security is f+king up security.....come on FSP.

Weak on security is spending the dough on your friends businesses (I hear the same playas are getting no bids for FUTURE hurricane they get retention cash....Hallliburton et al.

Weak on security is mismanagement of billions to your friends businesses instead of accomplishing what you tell your constituents you intend to do with their money

Weak on security is not spending the public dime on port rail or other defenses in fact having spent a good deal of secretive negotiation in selling our ports to your friends businesses ( in this case the sultans of Dubai who in fact FUNDED and flew the 9/11 perps to the US

Weak on security is having such a weakened god damn army that you have to allow psychopaths like Green (from Mid land TX) into the service because you do not have the politiacl will to get what you need to get accomplished by a draft and instead take the national guard and the army reserves and then keep them years and years past their deal with yo in a stop lock - tough shit.

Weak on security is to not have managed one step of the post - Mission Accomplished speech to any good end but the continual BUILD UP of insurgents and the force of hate against our peaceable way this GOP can be seen as STRONG on DEFENSE!!!!!!
NW - Are you becoming obsessive with trying to flame FSP or what? WTF? Where has he commented on this thread and you gave a rebuttal against him? Just asking, because I don't see it.
Hey, here's a question not asked before...oh, yeah, it was:

how does a billionaire cable-company owner become the darling candidate of the "Democratic" (I'm poking at your hot-spot there) Party? An industry that is often criticized for expensive and somewhat prohibitive rates to the general populace? A billionaire. "Bill-yuns and bill-yuns," said Carl Sagan once. Never thought I could quote the dead in your blog!
With the entry of Ralph Ferrucci as the candidate for the Green Party, the Connecticut Senate race has become a 4-way race.

Ralph Ferrucci is running on a platform to increase personal and corporate income taxes, retreat from Iraq, abolition of the death penalty, and ending support for Israel.

Here is what his campaign website says:

Mr. Lamont’s unqualified support for Israel’s actions in Lebanon, Gaza and other heavily populated communities is unwarranted.

Israel’s actions have killed and harmed countless innocent civilians, done an incredible amount of damage to the infrastructure (including roads, water treatment plants, and buildings) and has interfered with the work of humanitarian aid groups.

I am appalled that Mr. Lamont’s has come out to support Israel’s attacks on innocent civilians.

Mr. Lamont now stands with Joseph Lieberman in supporting the invasion that has killed, so far, 700 innocent civilians, most of them children, including 56 people yesterday in Qana.

The United States needs to withdraw its aid to Israel until all Geneva Conventions are adhered to and attacks against innocent civilians cease. Only then can a meaningful peace come about in the Middle East.
Jason, the war on terror isn't over yet, and Mr. Carper, and Mr. Lieberman understand that. Besides, when is supporting the endorsed Dem. candidate (Lieberman) being disloyal...? Mr. Carper was just being a loyal Democrat, something that should certainly not be lost you you, a knee jerk donkey.
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