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Monday, August 07, 2006


Nations Editors Catch On

It took a while, but the nation's editorial writers are picking up on how deeply unpopular President Bush is and how desperately voters want relief from the moron-in-chief and his lacky "rubber stamp" Congress.

"...the administration wanted Congress to rubber-stamp the discredited tribunals." Miami Herald

"... What else did the GOP rubber stamp Congress provide us with in the area of security? Mike Brown to head the Federal Emergency Management Agency?" -

"Larry Kissell, the progressive Democrat who is looking more and more like a winner against the ultimate rubber stamp Republican, Robin Hayes. " - Huffington Post

"WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 -- As Republicans in this "Do-Nothing" Congress head home for the August recess after the shortest and least effective work period in at least 60 years, they should be prepared to explain their failed agenda and rubber-stamping ways." - U.S Newswire

"Many of the members simply want to rubber-stamp the administration's prior commissions," said John D. Hutson, a retired Navy rear admiral who is dean of the Franklin Pierce Law School in Concord, N.H. - Associated Press

"Bush and his rubber-stamp Republicans are in deep trouble with the American people who can see right through their trickery and spin." - Detroit News

It may still be a while befor the News JOurnal and Celia Cohen pick up on this language to describe Michael Castle, but the reality of our situation will sink in eventually.

And what about all the Democrats who supported the resolution to go to war, and have supported all the resolutions in favor of the war since then? What are they?
I call them rubber-stamps.

However, nobody in Delaware has been as steadfast in his support for Bush and his botched war agenda than Castle.
yeah, castle pushed the vote button harder than anyone else, he even stood on it once...
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