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Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Michael Newbold Castle: A Profile in bumbling Impotence.

Blue State Rising absolutely kills Michael Castle on his horrible voting record related to Katrina recovery and preparedness.

- Stengthen Levees; H.R. 4939... Rep. Mike Castle (R-DE) voted against the funding for levees.

- First Responders; H.R. 5441, vote 218: ... Mike Castle voted to NOT increase the funding.

- Disaster preparedness and First Responders; H.R. 5441, vote 210: This was a vote to kill a Democratic amendment that would have added $600 million for equipping and training first responders and increasing disaster preparedness. It is fully paid for by slightly rolling back the Bush tax cut for millionaires. Again, the House Republicans (including Mike Castle) killed it.

But this one takes the cake:…
- Voted to cut billions from Homeland Security; H.C.R. 376, vote 158: This adds hundreds of billions to the already record budget deficit and includes a provision to increase the debt limit by $653 billion to $9.6 trillion. It cuts key programs like education, health and veterans programs. The budget resolution cuts $6.1 billion over five years to functions that fund port security grants to (among other things) tighten the physical security of our ports and law enforcement terrorism prevention grants for first responders. Additionally, it includes cuts that could reduce the size of the Army National Guard by up to 17,000 and includes a $39 million cut to the critical Cooperative Threat Reduction program, which is a program that helps prevent terrorists from obtaining loose nuclear material. Every Democrat in the House voted against. 12 Republicans crossed partisan lines to side with the Democrats, and again, Mike Castle was NOT one of them. He voted for this.

The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that one year later, the Republican Congress has kept us less prepared than we can or should– be in the event of a natural disaster.

How do Republicans get away with this shit? Tommywonk has the key. Crappy government is the natural result of electing people who have contempt for government.

are you saying Mike can't get it up?
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