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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Michael Castle gets on his knees and prays for Joe Lieberman

The similarities between Castle and Lieberman are too obvious not to comment on.

- They both support this debacle of a war, despite the fact that we have no real strategy to win.

- They both refuse to hold Bush accountable for the crimes that got us into this debacle of a war.

- They both use vote counting and PR tricks to appear to be "moderate".

- They were both eager to cede extra-constitutional powers to the President because they thought it would be politically popular.

- They are both out of step with their "blue state" constituents, and (hopefully)

- They will both soon be looking for a new line of work.

I liked this from MyDD:

No matter what happens later today, Wednesday will be the worst day of press for the progressive netroots in years. If Lamont loses, we will be branded as ineffectual, irrelevant, extremist, and destructive. If Ned Lamont wins, we will be branded as powerful, relevant, extremist, and destructive.
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Did Castle's sphincter close up before or after he got on his knees with Joe Liberman...?
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