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Wednesday, August 09, 2006



I just got this email from Ken Mehlman. How anyone can be taken in by this utter nonsense is beyond me. Let's take a closer look shall we?

Dear Patriot,

In politics, there are turning points that can define a political party for decades to come. Yesterday's defeat of Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democrat primary in Connecticut is such a moment. Because he stood for a strong national defense and victory in Iraq, Joe Lieberman was successfully targeted for defeat.

Lieberman stood for a strong national denfense, becuase, you know getting bogged down in pointless wars and pissing off our allies is GOOD for our defense, especially when you are spending billions to do it.

For a political party to reject a respected Senator who just six years ago was its candidate for Vice President is virtually without precedent. It speaks volumes about the new Democrat Party: if you stand for a strong defense and victory in the War on Terror, you have no place in the party and you must be purged.

Purged. They love that word. I guess they never heard of elections.

The message from Connecticut is clear, and Ned Lamont isn't alone. He is joined by Rep. John Murtha, architect of the Democrats' position on Iraq and the man who wants to be the next House Majority Leader, who claims America is more dangerous than Iran and North Korea and says, "We've become the enemy." And by Howard Dean, who calls the idea of victory in Iraq "just plain wrong." Watch how the new Democrat Party always chooses weakness over strength, blaming America first.

I don't hear anyone blaming America. I hear plenty of people blaming George Bush though. The only way you can convert "blaming Bush" into "blaming America" is to believe Bush IS America. Hey, now I get it.

With 90 days to go before the election, National Democrat leaders have made their choice in favor of defeatism, isolationism, and blaming America first. Where do you stand?

Good question. Do you stand for simple minded jingosistic nonsense? If so you have a home in the Republican party.


Ken Mehlman
Chairman, Republican National Committee

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