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Tuesday, August 29, 2006



I guess you could consider my Lieberman obsession a bit much. However, I might be spending so much time on it because it Lamont's upset win proves that the Democratic party is moving toward becoming a real opposition party (in spite of a few Democratic Senators who still don't get it).

Anyway here is today's news:

Senator Daniel Inouye (D-HI), a longtime Lieberman supporter, has announced that he is pulling his endorsement of Lieberman's independent candidacy. The Honolulu Advertiser reports that Inouye was under fire by Hawaii Democrats for his steadfast support of Lieberman and that there is precedent in Hawaii for Democrats facing disciplinary action within the party for backing a third-party candidate over the voters' choice.

Only 5 senators remain in the Losercamp.
Via Bob Geiger at the huffinton post

Hmmm....disciplinary action from the party for backing a third-party candidate...that sounds good.

When will Carper drop?

lets all call out our Jr Senator and call him to ask him for his support for his OWN PARTY.
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