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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Lamont/Leiberman Trader Chat

>miltar: spreads huge on Lamont's
Stro: my guess is leiberman is done but who knows
>berend: there was a guy here claiming to have 500 on Lamont
miltar: seemed like was gaining ground in the polls, but primary polls pretty unreliable for less than 10 point poll spread with MOR of 5%, Lamont fans seem pretty confident
>berend: the traded numbers are small
bock: An hour ago Lamont was close to 90. Now he's at 62 - what happened?
>miltar: hitting the bid
bock: small traded numbers, doesn't mean a thing
>miltar: not much interestin 99.9 ask
berend: for example I just helped a guy who wanted to buy a few lamonts for 80, the correct price is perhaps 55-60
>apprentice: those are insane spreads for these two races....**** thinly traded markets
bock: why do you say that's correct, berend?
>miltar: agreed

The Lamont/Lieberman market is so thinly traded that nobody feels like they are getting a good price either way. Small time bettors can come in and bid up the price of a contract and dump it for a quick profit.

I like that they think a correct price for Lamont is 55-60.

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