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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Kay and Al's Good Idea

Kay writes:

Dennis Spivack, as you know, is a very viable candidate to replace Congressman Castle who has consistently supported the Administration on the deficit, on tax reductions for the rich and for cuts in safety net programs. While his efforts on stem cell research are to be praised, his votes in lockstep with the Administration to mortgage our future and to "stay the course" in Iraq offset any good work he has done on stem cell research.

We need to get the Democratic National Committee to increase its support - both $$$ and organization - for Spivack. You are all getting fundraising solicitations from the DNC. This is what I am asking you to do.

Send the solicitation back to the DNC, as well as any requests from the Democratic National Congressional Committee, with a note: Not one more dollar until the DNC and the DNCC significantly increase thier support of Dennis Spivack to the Congress.

If we all do this, we stand a chance of getting their attention and, more importantly, getting them to invest more in Spivack's campaign. This idea was generated by what Al Zack, a club member, has done and it sounded like something we all should do. Let's exercise some clout. Do not be bashful.

- Kay Ryan

Kay makes a great point. The DNC and the DNCC look at some narrow criteria when they send out money. One of them is how much local support does the candidate have. This would be a good way to show that Spivack has a lot of base support here in Delaware.

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