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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Jack's blog

Okay - A couple of things to note.

1) Markell is all over the technology of modern campaigning. That is a good thing. He is getting some PR mileage out of the the Bike Tour - but I think the longer term impact of him getting into YouTube and blogging is the real story. [I'd to see some Spivack YOUTube clips - I'd have them up so fast your head would spin.]

2) In the clip above - you did not get to see me asking him questions, but I did. I asked Dave Burris's question - "Is the State Treasurer job just a stepping stone job for you to other elected office?" And unsurprisingly Jack gave the only possible response to that question he could give, "I'm just thinking about this race."

I asked, "What are the issues in this race since you don't have an opponent?" And he said that he believes he has an opponent. That was news to me.

3) You know when you hear an audio tape of your voice you think "I sound like that?" Well when ever I see a video of myself I think, "Am I that fat?"

Click here to go to Jack's "Blog for Delaware".

That wasn't my question.
Well Dave, no need to worry, he did promise to rephrase it. That counts as an "all-y all-y all-in-free!!!" right? It was a safety.

Plus, check out the answer carefully. Whether Jason "Frightland" Scott asked it verbatum per you or the version he recorded, the answer actually EVADES the nature of either wording of the question!

Dave Burris' question:
Does he plan to honor the voters intent and fulfill his full four-year term if re-elected?

Let's plug in Jack's answer to Jason's question: "I'm just thinking about this race."
That really wouldn't satisfy the nature of your question as it would do nothing to address the issue of filling out the term.

Now, let's repeat the question Jason asked and follow it with Jack's answer"
"Is the State Treasurer job just a stepping stone job for you to other elected office?"
"I'm just thinking about this race."
Yeah, well, guess what? That also does NOT answer the question, either. All it states is that his mind is on this election. It does nothing to address what happens in 2008. NOTHING!

From Jason's post:And unsurprisingly Jack gave the only possible response to that question he could give
Are you kidding me?!?! Yes or No would have been an easy, more effective answer. I can think of even another answer that would have suited this posting a hell of a lot better! How about this for a much better answer: "At this time, I fully intend to fulfill my elected term as requsted by my constituents in this upcoming election." Albeit a little egotistical, it would have been a lot better than the non-committal crap you posted.

Jason, you lost your sense! First, I think we all know he plans for something in 2008. For that, I give a fully-qualified DUH. But for you to post that response with your unsurprisingly Jack gave the only possible response commentary, I think you just did more harm than any possible good. Did I shake you up that bad with that whole Frightland exchange, or what? You were honest in posting the Q&A, you should have left the commentary out. Fortunate for Jack, is there really a citizen in Delaware that doesn't expect a new campaign from him in 2008?

Lastly, it's pretty egomanical to act as if one doesn't have an opponent. What he said wasn't so bad, but somewhat pathetic in that he replied believes he has an opponent. You went off the ego charts with your response That was news to me. That means that either you are so wrapped up in being Jason-Dem-Robot and really don't pay enough attention, or you knew there was an opponent, but you feel she is insignificant enough to instead pretend she doesn't exist.

Wow. Two strikes in attempting to support your boy Jack. Good job.
So, you think I dropped the ball? I'm not sure I'm getting you Newbie.

As for Jack - he is clearly running for Governor and by the looks of it he is way ahead of both Carney and whatever punching bag the R's decide to put up.

I know that burns you guys up - but there you have it.
I have been thinking about the question of governor lately and I am inclined to think that we need a person with a proven business background like Markell.

New Jersey has Corzine and he immediately addressed the fact that NJ is (like Bushco) living on tomorrow by credit card and illusion. Corzine shut down the state in order to force the legis to address this.

DE is a lot like NJ as far as where we are financially. We need a strong leader in the vein of a Corzine and that would be Markell IMHO.

DE needs to address that we have been on very shakey ground and that we have a VERY DISHONEST LEGIS and EXECUTIVE who have played a dangerous political shell game with our finances.

They have planned and plotted for a decade now to subvert the proper infrastructure investments for all of this development by trickery like de-reg, the DelDOT (Hayward scapegoat) Trust Fund shortfall, and county pols in place who allow for non-concurrancy of police, schools, EMT etc along with burgeoning growth.

NJ did the same thing.

Delaware pols want to garner a few billion bailout by selling/leasing a fed/state toll road (to Austrialia?), an easy onestep to get out of debt that will surely outrage the public.

Corzine avoided this measure completely by shifting revenue incomes around.

Is it time for a Delaware sales tax of 3 or 4 percent???
YIKES !!! The electrified third rail of politics.

I'm not sure I see the same kind of state level financial train wreck that you do, but maybe I'm not looking hard at it enough.

If the economic collapse described below materializes - our bond rating is not going to mean much.
by the way, is the GOPer Treasurer confirmed? Strine announced her while she was out of town.

She is popular downstate but they would have seen much more political courage if the DE GOP had put her up against ADAMS....I say that the development interests (read, DIP supported industry)are heppy, happy with Thurman in office.
We are begging the question of then Gov. Carper-Lt. Gov. Minner-the big head committee et al having a plan B if the toll road sale/lease is, in fact, untenable as political suicide.
jason - 1) youre not fat and 2) what can we do to get you to link up to us in 'campaign links'??
I know it wasn't the nature of the comment, but if you think I won't play with it, you don't know me...

MARKELL = CORZINE?!?! Thanks for the tip, Nancy!!!

Jason, point kinda missed by you. Right now, at this moment, I agree that Jack has all the momentum he needs in 2008. I don't doubt that. I also believe that Carney won't go away quietly. Don't get all gushy about that yet. I'm sure your party bosses are still trying to figure that one out without creating a divide. It sure the hell didn't help that Ruthie all but handed the candidacy to Carney a while back, did it?

Anyway, my point was that Jack will not commit to admitting he has no interest in seeing this term through (should he win). Really, that is a partisan argument that both sides make when convenient. I, however, would probably have more respect, if when asked about 08, Markell responded that he was thinking about it. Non-committal, but also acknowledges it. That obviously could risk some people voting for him, but imagine the rant in '08 when he runs for gov in his midterm he will get by not acknowledging it. It's handing over a talking-point that will be manipulated to death. If he gets primaried, point will be made. If he goes to general, the point will be made.

Then, you act as if that was the only possible answer he could give unsurprisingly Jack gave the only possible response to that question he could give. No, that wasn't the only possible one. Wait, unless you and he are saying the citizens of Delaware or just too stupid to figure it out or we all just line up for Jack's Kool-Aid. Was that the insinuation with his answer and your commentary?

Get it? I'm knocking the ANSWER as well as your commentary on it. I'm not knocking Jack. I don't really have any knocks on Markell as a person, except that it seems everyone wants to go to bed with him. Is Spivak cool with you doing that?
LoL -

The cheating on Spivack thing made me laugh. As for this:

Then, you act as if that was the only possible answer he could give unsurprisingly Jack gave the only possible response to that question he could give. No, that wasn't the only possible one. Wait, unless you and he are saying the citizens of Delaware or just too stupid to figure it out or we all just line up for Jack's Kool-Aid. Was that the insinuation with his answer and your commentary?

My insinuation was that we live in reality. We all know Markell is running, but that fact could be used to score cheap points as you point out.

So "I'm just thinking about this race." is the political speak for saying "I'm not giving anyone any free ammo." And you know what - he shouldn't give any free ammo.


I've been meaning to update my links.
Double-edged sword. Answer either way, ammo is going to get used. More honor in admission, but less votes, too, though. Too bad that office term isn't inline with the governorship. No problems then.
So, Jack's answer is basically the Hillary answer; he/she will serve the people of his/her state until something better comes along, and we all know what that is. Whoop de do.

Seriously folks, if I walked into the booth in Nov. faced with a Markell vs. Ting choice for Gov, I'd have to think long and hard before pulling the lever.

Corzine's a jerk, BTW. He held the state of NJ hostage to get higher taxes imposed for his higher entitlement spending. Liberal tax-and-spend highway robbery at its worst.
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